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As unprecedented events unfold by the hour in our community and across the country, everyone at San Diego Magazine has been standing with—and hurting for—the people affected. The news is impossible to ignore. So we’re listening, and focusing on what we can do.

We are a very small staff acting as quickly as we can. To start, we’ve put together a list of black-owned restaurants around the county. We’re updating a list of food and blood drives, as well as virtual events. On our podcast, we’re following the eateries that are learning new ways to serve their customers.

We are watching our friends and neighbors mourn, and adapt, and plan how to rebuild—while we do the same. Because we went away for a bit. In March, as our schools and theaters and restaurants were closing, San Diego Magazine decided to close its doors too. The staff hunkered down, kept in touch, checked in with our neighbors, and ordered takeout. Troy Johnson ate at home more often than a food critic is used to.

This month, we are happy to announce that we have reopened our doors. We’re excited to once again tell the stories of the people and businesses making San Diego the incredible city it is. We’ll be figuring it out alongside all of you—the small-business owners, the health care workers, the people advocating for justice and equality. We will be highlighting those in need and calling on you to donate, volunteer, and support.

Right now you can find new content on our website, and look forward to the 186th episode of Happy Half Hour, our food-and-drink podcast, available June 11. We’re also working hard to produce our August/September issue and our custom publications. If you’re a print subscriber, your subscription will be extended by three months. If you’re an Insider, your membership will as well.

We want our readers and the greater community to know that we are picking up right where we left off, and that means doing what we’ve done best for 72 years—inspire, entertain, assist, and start a conversation.

We would like to honor the San Diegans who have lost their lives during this pandemic. If you are related or close to someone who has died due to COVID-19 and would like us to include a tribute to them in our magazine, please email (hello@sdmag.com) a photo, their name, age, neighborhood, occupation, religious denomination if applicable, and up to ten words in their honor (for example, “Beloved father,” “She loved all animals and nature,” a favorite verse or song). Let’s create something worthy of their memory.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with your feedback, requests, and good news. Our doors are open (again). Wide open.

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