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My Top 10 Favorite Stories of 2018

ICYMI: Some of the features that stayed with Editor in Chief Erin Meanley Glenny all year


San Diego Legion | Photo: Jay Reilly

Jerry Seinfeld once said he was often asked which episode of Seinfeld was his favorite. He felt it was like asking if he had a favorite child. He pointed out that he worked hard on all of them. “I like whichever one I’m working on.” It’s true, though—whether it's about desserts or dogs or yes, even doctors, I tend to get wonderfully lost down the rabbit hole as I learn more and more about a subject or story. But if I have to pick favorites, here are ten that I look back on with a smile—and that deserve a read in case you missed them.


1. A Whole New Ball Game, May 2018

San Diego got its first Major League Rugby team this year. I was excited to learn about the San Diego Legion, as my husband grew up playing rugby in South Africa. In order to interview the players and write about the game (match?), I had to really study the sport. It was a fun challenge for me and the best part is, now my family has a new weekly activity in the spring. Bonus stuff: Meet seven of the players here. And listen to their accents in a video we made, called A Crash Course in Rugby.


Illustration by Verónica Grech

2. What San Diego Women Want, September 2018

The timing of #MeToo and all the momentum around it gave this story a lot of legs. It was just the right time and I was happy writing it. Having worked in teen and women’s consumer magazines for 15 years, I had not been paying attention to what the board rooms looked like in other industries. It was eye opening. I enjoyed every minute I spent with the local women who shared their challenges, advice, and anecdotes. I also learned a lot of new terms: baby penalty! Glass escalator! And maternal wall. Read the story and get inspired.


Photo: Joan Marcus

3. Wicked Brings Dazzling Sights, November 6, 2018

We have a secret weapon in our copy chief, Dan Letchworth. Not only is he a cracker-jack grammarian and walking dictionary/encyclopedia, he is a deeply thoughtful, intelligent, worldly, all-around brilliant wordsmith and big-picture pointer-outer. Here’s just a sampling of what he can do—a review of Wicked from his blog, Everyone’s a Critic.


4. 70 Years of San Diego Magazine, October 2018

Because I could look through our archives all day, every day.


Photo: Justin McChesney-Wachs

5. France Like No One’s Watching, September 2018

Our food critic Troy Johnson is very good at providing context and background, helping us understand the significance of a place, cuisine, craft, or style of cooking. In his review of Bankers Hill’s Parc Bistro & Brasserie, he goes into the history of French food. I love History Professor Troy.


Illustration by Michael Hirshon

6. Worldly San Diegans, August 2018

This story was in our heads for more than a few years. Finally we committed to doing it. We poked around and narrowed down our subjects to 20 unique and accomplished San Diegans who travel regularly or come from afar. They gave us some much-needed perspective on the city and on us, and I’d like to think we captured some of that in this feature.


Photo: Madison Parker

7. First Ladies of Food, November 2018

This took a lot of wrangling. A lot. It’s hard to get six busy chefs and restaurateurs in one room together. And these women are VIPs! You have been to their restaurants. What they told us about their sacrifices and sorrows was so engrossing it will keep you scrolling ‘til the end.


Photo: Robert Benson

8. My Favorite Space, March 2018

Who doesn’t want to look inside other people’s private spaces? It's kinda voyeuristic. In this story, we got invited into the tiny kitchen of a food blogger, a couple’s speakeasy, a chef’s train room, an artist’s backyard studio, and more.


Photo: Becca Batista

9. Green Rush: Inside San Diego's Emerging Cannabis Industry, February 2018

Another story that was a long time in the making. Troy Johnson asks, How did marijuana go from evil death drug to medical miracle and billion-dollar industry? One thing I learned, from one of Troy's sources: “It’s safer than alcohol or aspirin. You have a bigger chance of having a heart attack during sex.”


Photo: Emily Kaszton

10. The Mindful San Diegan, December 2018

Another story I had been wanting to do for years. Finally, meditation felt mainstream enough; plus there were a decent number of San Diego entrepreneurs, gurus, and studios that we could write about. I hope it helps readers be patient in traffic, compassionate at the airport, and totally at peace during the holidays.


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