Where I’ve been this month

I traveled to my cousin Andy’s wedding here in March, and in addition to wonderfully sea-salty shrimp and oysters, the thing I loved most about this long, flat coastline just south of Alabama was the biking. Wide, wood-planked bike paths run along the sand for a few hundred yards, then veer onto a two-lane street leading into Seaside’s town square (with bike racks galore), then back out to the beach for cruising along the sand dunes until you hit the next town. Too cool. The ride got me even more excited about next month’s feature story on biking in San Diego. Writer Maya Kroth takes a look at how our city is pedaling along. Hopefully, in high gear.


Where I’ve been this month

Best Bite: Honey-Glazed Shrimp at Dragon’s Den

Maybe it was because I was starving at the end of a long day of work, maybe it was the fact that I’m obsessively craving shrimp lately, or maybe I was just so relieved to find my friend and fab contributor Ann Wycoff in a sea of random party people — or maybe the single honey-glazed shrimp I snatched off a cocktail platter at the opening of Dragon’s Den in the East Village was Just. That. Good. Hot, sweet, tangy-sour, crunchy and just the right amount of sticky, it was so yummy that I’m still thinking about it 10 days later as I write this note. Get a plate of ’em for yourself ($15). 315 10th Avenue, thedragonsdensd.com.

The Cover, Uncovered

A behind-the-scenes look at this month’s covers that didn’t make the cut:

Where I’ve been this month
Where I’ve been this month

Loved using Associate Editor Erin Meanley’s Mini Cooper and our graphic designer Gloria was a great cover model along with her husband, but the family-friendly camping shot (featuring our advertising executive Julie Davis and her family) won out in the end.

We also considered going with a design themed cover highlight this month’s design elements.

What’s Up with ... Luxe Camping?

I grew up camping with the Chambers side of my family every summer, smashed in a five-man tent with my parents, brother, sister and family Lab. At least a dozen cousins, aunts and uncles were roughing it in the sites next to ours at Paso Picacho or Green Valley Falls in the Cuyamaca mountains. Maybe one shower over the course of a long weekend (maybe), lots of campfire cooking and card playing. So to me, it’s crazy to call these luxury grounds with feather beds and gourmet chefs and hot showers "camping." Getways? Sure. But roughing it? Hardly. Check out six of these chic spots on page 42 and let me know what you think: @ErinKnowsSD on Twitter.

3 Things I Didn’t Know Until This Issue

Where I’ve been this month
  1. The average length of time emergency room patients have to wait for treatment in California is four hours and 34 minutes (page 32).
  2. Quillisascut Farm School in northeast Washington (a weekend getaway pick on page 47) offers a special version of its professional cooking series for civilians that includes courses on milking goats, making cheese, harvesting vegetables and making jam and pickles.
  3. The average American uses 80-100 gallons of water per day, with the most gallons going down the toilet. See more Earth Day facts on page 26.
What’s up with...

Erin Chambers Smith, Editor

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