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When I was growing up, my grandpa and father loved Westerns. Whenever I’d go to my grandpa’s house, we’d always watch Tombstone, Dances with Wolves, The Magnificent Seven—I always liked the language and the stories behind it. And my mom has cows all over the house. So the whole brand is an ode to them. I took one free sewing class with San Diego Continuing Education at the César E. Chávez campus—one semester to learn how to sew—and once I got the hang of it and it clicked in my head, it’s just been trial and error.

It takes a special kind of confidence in yourself as a guy to wear a sling bag or a bag that might look like a purse. The guys who are confident in themselves and their style are the guys who buy bags. And it’s the new wave. There’s no “A guy can’t wear this” or “A girl can’t wear that.” We can wear everything.

Each bag comes with a “bounty” that’s worth $20 toward your next purchase. When you get a bag from me, you know I made it with my hands. The crazy skins I choose, I don’t see any other luxury handbag brands using. With other brands, you usually see pretty simple designs in white, black, monograms, or basic leathers. With my bags, you’re for sure going to have a bag that will turn heads, a bag you’re not going to see anywhere else.

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