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Alejandra Franco of Woven Times

I was born and raised in Manizales, Colombia, a small, hilly city surrounded by coffee plant landscapes and a volcano. Growing up, my mom taught me the value of making things with my own hands. This was due in part to our lack of resources. I have tried different things for fun—watercolor, hand knitting, embroidery—and always find an excuse to learn something new. I got my first loom as a present in 2018 and just went with the flow.

The first piece I made was a large woven wall hanging, 32 inches square. I followed my instincts, chose my favorite colors, and—with the help of a few tutorials—made my first piece. I like looking at it, reflecting on all the silly mistakes and how much I’ve grown since. I love learning new techniques and implementing natural dyes and sustainable ways to create fiber art. I’m in search of my artistic voice—the “style,” as it’s usually called. As for right now, I create what speaks to my soul.

Woven Times art

2020 offered me the opportunity to dedicate more time to this and realize that I wanted to share it with people. So, I launched Woven Times officially in May. It’s helped me find an outlet for my creativity by making art that tells a story—I love to see how everyone interprets them differently. I hope people feel connected to the piece they own. Whether it’s a custom made design or one they just felt called to, I think I’ve accomplished my goal if it brings joy to their lives and inspires them.”

Woven Times


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