How to Care for a ZZ Plant

Originally from Africa, this houseplant is distinctive for its semi-rounded leaves crawling up a tall stem and beloved for its succulent characteristics (It’s tough as nails!). January Newland, founder of Wild Island Collective in Normal Heights, filled out our tip sheet on the ZZ.

Green Thumb: Optional

The ZZ are awesome starter plants. They can take all conditions—very low light to high light and very low water to very high water. They’re tough to kill with overwatering, as well. Its preference is to grow faster in nice, bright light with occasional watering.

Lighting Requirements

They can withstand high and low light, as long as you adjust your water accordingly. Save the ZZ for your less lit corners, such as in a dimmer bedroom, to reserve those well-lit spaces for plants that need it.

Watering Requirements

When in low light, expect to water less. When in high light, expect to water more. Water from the tap is okay; you should run it through the soil every time the soil is fully dried out.

When to Repot

When its rhizomes (underground stems) begin bulging from the soil. The plant will start a few inches tall and its stems can get to about two or three feet, which is pretty high in the houseplant world.



Wild Island Collective

3504 Adams Avenue, Normal Heightswildisland.collective

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