Winter Avocados

The Super Bowl’s this Sunday and that means over-the-top consumption of guacamole. The Hass Avocado Board says that football fans are expected to consume an estimated 69.6 million pounds of Hass avocados during the festivities, mostly in the form of guacamole. And you know where most of those 139 million avocados come from? That’s right, San Diego County. We’re the avocado capital of the country. Now, that’s just Hass avocados. Winter avocado season brings several other varieties at the farmers markets now, including Fuertes, Bacons, Ettingers, and Mexicola Grandes. If you’ve never tried anything other than a Haas, you must check these out. Because of their thin skins they don’t transport well so you tend to find them only at farmers markets. But these tend to be buttery with lots of flavor. Look for Fuertes at Atkins Nursery in Mission Hills; Terra Bella in Little Italy, La Jolla, and Hillcrest; De Luz and Elis Farm booths at UTC; and Paradise Valley Ranch at Little Italy, among others. Paradise Valley Ranch also has Mexicola Grandes, a shiny purplish avocado that has a very high oil content, making it very rich. And Elis Farm has the unusual Ettinger variety that has a yellow-speckled skin, along with bacons. 

The Super Bowl Edition: Avocados, Conchetta’s Pizza, and Pubcakes Finds a Home

Conchetta’s Pizza

Chili, submarine sandwiches, burgers and ‘dogs, and, of course, pizza. These are the dishes that most people turn to for the Super Bowl main course. When it comes to pizza, you could order in. But, you could also make your own. That doesn’t mean you have to actually make the dough or the sauce. In fact, Karen Gilligan, owner of Conchetta’s Pizza at the North Park farmers market, would love to help you out. She sells ready-made dough—whole wheat and regular—as well as tomato sauce, both of which she makes from her Italian grandmother’s recipes. You can even pick up a pizza pan and rolling pin from her. All you need is cheese (pick that up from Mary Palmer at Taste Cheese) and any other toppings that inspire you from the North Park market. Easy and delicious!

Pubcakes & Treehouse Coffee Co. Open This Week

You’ve got your guac, your pizza, and now it’s time for dessert. Well, if you’re a beer lover and a cupcake lover you may know about PubCakes, which I’ve written about earlier. These are the moist and delicious cupcakes made with various ales and lagers. Well, owner Misty Birchall has teamed up with Mandi Cooperson of Treehouse Coffee Co. and they’re opening a shop this Saturday called, of course, Pubcakes & Treehouse Coffee Co. at 7229 El Cajon Blvd. So now you can buy your beer-flavored cupcakes in mixed dozens. Just in time for the big game! Join them on Saturday afternoon for their grand opening celebration and you can enjoy a locally supported beer garden. Additionally, 20 percent of the day’s proceeds will go to Hidden Treasures, a Fallbrook-based thrift store that helps developmentally disabled adults build social and vocational skills.

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