The Publicans Pick

Ivan Derezin

Owner, Churchill’s Pub and Grille, The Bellows

  1. The Pupil IPA (Societe)
  2. The Bachelorette Single Hop Lager (Societe)
  3. Mixed Greens Double IPA (Burgeon)
  4. Dutchman’s Pipe Imperial Stout (Burgeon)
  5. Bacon and Eggs Coffee Porter (Pizza Port)
  6. Churchill’s Finest Hour Imperial Stout (Port Brewing)
  7. Eau d’Vine BA Sour with Chardonnay Grapes (Toolbox)
  8. City of the Sun IPA (Modern Times)
  9. Lupulin Lust Double IPA (Rip Current)
  10. San Diego Pale Ale .394 (AleSmith)


The Publicans Pick

Grant Tondro

Co-owner, Urge Gastropub, Brothers Provisions

  1. Glimmer Void Sour Ale (Modern Times)
  2. Boss Pour IPA (Abnormal)
  3. Four Mile Imperial Porter (Pure Project)
  4. Sinister Path Stout (Eppig)
  5. Darkside of Paradise Milk Stout (Monkey Paw)
  6. Like It a Latte Milk Stout (Bagby)
  7. Hopxotica IPA (Automatic Brewing)
  8. Hello, Mr. Mayor White IPA (Mother Earth)
  9. Second Son BA American Strong Ale (Mason Ale Works)
  10. Pappy Van Speedwinkle (AleSmith)


Scot Blair

Owner; Hamilton’s Tavern, Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery, South Park Brewing Company

  1. Normcore Pilsner (Burning Beard)
  2. North East IPA (Half Door)
  3. Rods and Mockers English-Style Pale Ale (Fall)
  4. Little Sister BBA Russian Imperial Stout (Bitter Brothers)
  5. Protégé Sauvage American Wild Ale (Cellar 3)
  6. Treevana IPA (Burgeon)
  7. Lab Monkey Mosaic/Comet IPA (Monkey Paw)
  8. Liquid AC English-Style Summer Ale (Karl Strauss)
  9. Devil’s Triangle Rye IPA (Mikkeller SD)
  10. Natural Bridge Schwarzbier (Eppig)


The Publicans Pick

Tyson Blake

General manager, O’Brien’s Pub

  1. Normcore Pilsner (Burning Beard)
  2. Wet Hop Circle of Hops Pale Ale (Burning Beard)
  3. The Heiress Czech-Style Pilsner (Societe)
  4. Green Truck Wet Hop Double IPA (Nickel)
  5. New Money IPA (Abnormal)
  6. Hop Fu IPA (North Park)
  7. Break Line Traditional Bock (Rip Current)
  8. San Diego IPA (San Diego Brewing)
  9. Ochre Frumento Barrel-Aged Barleywine (Cellar 3)
  10. Golden Girl Belgian Style Golden Strong Ale (Bagby)

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