Sponsor Post: Three Tips for Saving Money While Recycling

Recycling is definitely something that eco-friendly people want to do, but in some communities, recycling can cost you extra! If you don't have a free pickup program in your community, there are ways that you can save money while still recycling your household waste and other items, such as electronics. Here are three tips:

1) Consolidate recycling runs

If you don't have a curbside pickup program in your community, recycling for you probably means loading it all up in the car and running to a recycling bin every couple of weekends. Just like you want to consolidate other errands to save gas, you also want to consolidate your recycling runs so you can save a bit of gas money. Do this by investing in larger recycling bins so you don't have to take the recycling out every week, by finding a recycling drop-off that accepts all your most common recyclables, and by using a drop off point that's in your general errand-running radius so you don't have to go too far out of your way to recycle.

2) Find local metal recyclers

You can actually make a little money back by taking aluminum cans and other scrap metal to recycling facilities near you. Often times, these places will pay you at least a little bit for your scrap metal and aluminum cans. It may not be much, but it's worth your while if the drop off facility is close to your home in the first place.

3) Store up bigger recyclables for free days

In many communities, basic recycling facilities charge you to recycle large items, such as tires or appliances. However, these same communities will often host annual or semi-annual free recycling and pick up days. Mark these dates on your calendar, and take advantage of them so that you don't have to pay to do the environmentally responsible thing with your larger recyclable items!

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