In the City of San Diego, the Miramar Landfill, the city's one and only operating landfill, is good for more than just dumping off your trash! The landfill runs all sorts of programs, including a greenery recycling program where you can recycle your yard waste throughout the year. Here's what you need to know about the recycling program and how you can get involved.

What Gets Recycled?

In many San Diego neighborhoods, you can take part in a curbside greenery recycling program, where you can have the city pick up grass clippings, leaves, shrub clippings, Christmas trees, and bundles of greenery. The program doesn't accept bamboo, banana trees, bird-of-paradise plants, cacti or yucca plants, palm fronds, or large tree stumps. If your community doesn't have a curbside greenery collection program, you can actually dump your greenery and yard waste off at the Miramar Landfill until 4:30 PM almost every day.

What Comes of the Program?

The greenery recycling program makes its products available to the public, so you know where to go this spring when it's time to mulch your garden – to the Miramar Landfill! The program creates things like standard mulch, plain wood chips, colored wood chips, natural log chips, green grind mulch, and certified compost. If you can prove that you live in San Diego, you can actually get up to two cubic yards (about twelve thirty-two gallon trash cans full) of compost or mulch completely free!

While it might seem like greenery would decompose easily in a landfill, due to landfill conditions, this isn't always the case. This means that wood and yard clippings can just take up valuable space in the Miramar Landfill. Do your part as a San Diego citizen and recycle your greenery through the city's Greenery Recycling Program. Then take advantage of the program to get free compost or mulch for your yard!

About Recycle San Diego

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