You want to know the scary truth about geeks? They are WAY cooler than you.

There may have been a time when their taped-glasses and pasty skin were justification for a lower social status, but no longer is this the case. They now wear $800 frames and alabaster hide with pride. Why? Because geeks shall inherit the earth. And at SXSW Interactive you can watch it happening.

SXSWi is a yearly gathering of digital visionaries that takes place in Austin, Texas, as part of the larger SXSW music festival (which also includes film). The interactive portion is a conference less about deal-making, and more about architecting the future. It’s a place where the smartest and most passionate internet visionaries swap ideas and brainstorm about what comes next.

Current technology trends--like blogging and social networking--were being discussed over local beer half-a-decade ago at SXSW. So it’s fascinating to hear the ideas of the future take form at SXSWi. Attendees range from San Francisco tech powerhouses like Google, to international prodigies and San Diego startups. In the hallways of the Austin Conference Center, San Diego companies like Veoh, myMinis, DivX and Digital-Telepathy trade stories with the folks who started Blogger, Flickr and dozens of other technologies that are influencing your daily life--whether you know it or not.

Many hope to cash in on the venture capital pie, or get rich like the kids from YouTube. Most just want to help shape the future. So tease them all you want, these nerds are building the framework on which our lives will be run. We can only hope their revenge will be merciful.

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