San Diego Essentials for Your Pantry

1. Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jelly, $10 each (made in Temecula)

2. La Rustichella White Truffle Honey, $22, RoVino The Foodery, East Village

3. Herb & Eatery’s Rooibos Chair Tea, $12, Little Italy

4. Paraná Empanadas’ Dulce de Leche, $5, Liberty Public Market, Liberty Station

5. Baker & Olive’s Fig Balsamic and Mediterranean Olive Oil, $8 each, Encinitas and Liberty Public Market

6. Majestic Garlic Cayenne Pickled Garlic, $8, various farmers’ markets

7. Lesley Stowe Raincoast Oat Crisps, $6, The Butchery, One Paseo

8. Nostrum Cocktail Shrub, $16, Graffiti Beach, South Park

9. Herb & Eatery’s Thai Sea Salt, $8, Little Italy

10. Mastiff Sausage Company’s Curry Mustard, $7, Liberty Public Market

11. Carolyn’s Classics Prickly Pear Jelly, $9, RoVino The Foodery, East Village

12. Big Spoon Roasters Almond Coconut Butter, $17, Thread & Seed, Bankers Hill

13. Venissimo Cheese’s Yummy Honey Spread, $9, multiple locations

14. Marcona Almonds, $7, Baker & Olive, Encinitas and Liberty Public Market

15. Coronado Spice Co. Whole Black Peppers, $6, Home Ec, Little Italy

16. Ranch 45 Sweet Heat Sauce, $8, Solana Beach

17. Pasta Design Risotto, $8, Liberty Public Market

18. Benedetto Cavalieri Ruote Pazze, $4, RoVino The Foodery, East Village

19. Brins Banana Jam, $9, Thread & Seed, Bankers Hill

20. Mastiff Sausage Company Dill Mustard and Champagne & Honey Mustard, $7 each, Liberty Public Market

21. Mikolich Family Honey, $10 for 16 ounces (made in Temecula), Little Italy Mercato and Poway Farmers Market

22. Coronado Spice & Tea Chipotle Sea Salt, $5, Home Ec, Little Italy

23. Andrea’s Dark Chocolate Crack, $7, Herb & Eatery, Little Italy

24. Pacific Beach Peanut Butter Spread, $10, Herb & Eatery, Little Italy

25. Edible Alchemy Mushroom Seasoning, $9, various farmers’ markets

26. Sugar Mamma Bourbon Caramels, $9, Herb & Eatery, Little Italy

27. Celeste’s Hot but Sweet Jalapeño Relish, $8 each, Little Italy Mercato

28. Jerky’s Gourmet Craft Beer Beef Jerky, $7 each, Little Italy Mercato (Saturdays only) and Ocean Beach Farmers Market

29. Quickles Pickling Concentrate, $5, Home Ec, Little Italy

30. Ranch 45 Saint Archer Session IPA BBQ sauce, $10, Solana Beach

31. Mikolich Family Honey, $3 for the baby bear bottle (made in Temecula), Little Italy Mercato and Poway Farmers Market

32. Herb & Eatery’s Himalayan Pink Salt, $8, Little Italy

33. Baby Clydesdale Hot Sauces, $10 each, Home Ec, Little Italy

34. Pickle & Brine Pickled Beets with Red Onion, $12, Ocean Beach Farmers Market

35. Pacific Pickle Works Asparagusto!, $11, The Butchery, One Paseo

36. San Antonio Artisan Pasta, $4, RoVino The Foodery, East Village

37. Mikolich Family Honey, $11 per 16 ounce jar (made in Temecula), Little Italy Mercato and Poway Farmers Market

38. Baker & Olive Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, $8, Encinitas and Liberty Public Market

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