Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes, host of Be Well + Live Well with Lisa

Dreaming isn’t a matter of fantasy for LA-based cook Lisa Holmes—it’s the first step to making things happen. After all, it was a dream that led the food-and-lifestyle coach to land her first cooking show.

On the upcoming “Dare to Dream” episode of Be Well + Live Well with Lisa, Holmes tells her story and cooks up a delicious meal on a Rancho Santa Fe estate through HomWork, a service that’s like Airbnb but for coworking. The series airs on Taste on TV, a cooking channel dedicated to the food, culture, and voices of African Americans and people of color.

What’s on the menu? Holmes starts with goat cheese and almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon as an appetizer. The entrée features grilled cod with zucchini and summer squash topped with a roasted red pepper sauce, all laid on a bed of polenta. For dessert, you’ll learn how to make a Southern bourbon-buttermilk pie, which comes from a recipe passed down by her grandmother.

“What I’m hoping to do is just inspire,” Holmes says. “Especially if I have a platform that can encourage and motivate people and help get them redirected toward something that they've been trying to accomplish, or that they've given up on.”

In her dining discussions, Holmes draws from her experience in human resources. She worked 30 years as an executive coach for career success, and has motivated dozens of people to change their mindset and search for opportunities.

After struggling with her own medical conditions, Holmes was inspired to start a whole new lifestyle and launched Honey and Company for cooking products, skin care products, and home necessities, all of which are used on the show.

“I take people on my journey because I have a curiosity for life,” Holmes says. “Hopefully, it gets people to feel a little better after watching.”

You can watch “Dare to Dream” this week on Taste on TV, an extension on Roku TV.

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