Trend Alert: Colored Jeans

According to Stephanie Solomon, Celebrity Fashion Director of Bloomingdale's, colored jeans are one of the hottest fashion trends for Fall. If you're thinking of going beyond the standard blue hue, you can find a good selection of colored jeans at stores like Urban Outfitters, JC Penney, Forever 21 and Old Navy. Here are four options, all under $60:

1. Not surprisingly, Urban Outfitters has a wide selection of colored jeans, all priced at $58. Options include the canary yellow pictured above, plus red, green, pink, lime, and berry.

2. These City Streets jeans from JC Penney are under $20, which makes it easy to try out this trend, and thrift the jeans if they don't work out for you. Color options include the green pictured above, plus red, pink, royal blue, and yellow.

3. Forever 21's colored jeans ($22.80) come in three different shades: wine (pictured above), plus green and blue. The tones are a bit more muted, which may make these easier to work into your wardrobe, but the green and blue look a bit too much like hospital scrubs.

4. If you like jeans with a lot of stretch, try Old Navy's deep red Rock Star "jeggings" ($34.94). Paired with a cozy sweater and some boots, this is a Fall look that could work for a lot of people.

After trying on a pair of the City Street jeans in pink, and taking a long look at myself in the mirror, I determined that this is a look I just can't pull off -- mostly because skinny jeans make my feet look like submarines. What about you? Will you be adding a pair of colored jeans to your wardrobe?

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