Thread Brings Affordable Fashions to the East Village

Christina Gomez is the owner of the brand new East Village neighborhood boutique Thread. She says she’d always wanted to open a clothing store, but it took a few years of working at Bank of America to earn both the capital and the cajones to take the leap.The ultra-trendy clothing store, in a cool warehouse space, is located on 9th Ave. The store has huge potential and phenomenally reasonable price tags—all Gomez needs now is the ladies to come on in and start shopping. 

Armed with a BA in marketing from USD, Gomez did her research.  She is prepared to hunker down and wait out the hum for the buzz. "I geared the clothing styles in my store to the young business women who live downtown. They need cute clothes for work and for when they go out, but they don’t have a lot of money to spend. I offer a little of what I call LA swagger for less money," Gomez says.

Thread Brings Affordable Fashions to the East Village

To kick off the opening of the store, Thread’s having a shopping party on Sunday, October 16th from 12-3pm—free mimosas and everything will be discounted 15%. Better yet, nothing in Thread costs over $100.

For fall, Thread offers a huge selection of clothing with faux fur and touches of leather,  plenty of dresses in great colors, tons of knits--mini-skirts, sweater-dresses, ponchos, and coats in a variety of styles from leopard-prints to wools.

With no small thanks to the building of Petco Park, the East Village neighborhood of SD is making a comeback. Thread is one block from wonderful restaurants like Café Chloe and Cowboy Star, and  other boutiques like the hip sneaker store Blends, men’s store Five & A Dime, and the newly located from North Park sexuality boutique, Rubber Rose—it’s the up-and-coming hood to watch.

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