New Clothing Boutique to Open Downtown

There’s a new boutique opening in downtown San Diego and the owners say they are going to do some damage on the fashion scene. The store will offer hip, cool, and fun "clubbing clothes", for the very fun, hip, young, cool ladies of SD. Where in downtown? Who are the owners and what do they look like? When will the store open? Apparently there are no real answers to any of these questions -- yet. For now, Tease isn't only the name of the boutique, it's the marketing strategy. 

Tease Marketing Director Stephanie Bercovitch said the Tease team is excited to take San Diego by storm, and described the aesthetic of the store as "Urban Outfitters meets Forever 21". Using social media as their primary source of PR, the owners swear they respond to EVERY TWEET. "Our customers are immediately part of Team Tease. Our goal is to be young, interactive, and fun."

New Clothing Boutique to Open Downtown

Some items that Tease will carry for Fall include capes from Wildfox, vintage snakeskin glasses (to be released during the holidays), dresses from Australia that will flatter any body shape, and neon denim.

Though I couldn't get information on the future address of the boutique, she did say it would be located near FLUXX, near where the young, hip girls she hopes to target will congregate. For now, you can shop online.

Even though the details about this boutique are so uncertain, one thing is very clear -- downtown San Diego is badly in need of more cool clothing stores. Can we please get an H&M in the now-closed Borders?

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