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There’s love, and then there’s I-trust-you-so-much-let’s-open-a-business-together love. Juerie and Paul Masters understand this all too well; their love for wine is unmatched except by their love for each other. Clos, their University Heights business, was our pick for San Diego’s Best Natural Wine Shop last year. Both of them honed their palates in New York City—Juerie as a wine distributor, Paul as a bartender turned beverage program manager—and he says “it all just flowed from there.”

He jests that he and Juerie are much like a pét-nat: “old-fashioned, but fun.” They don’t take themselves too seriously. In their own home, they prefer “minimal clutter, minimal fuss” to let their artwork sing instead. Here, the aficionados share a few of their favorite (and local!) things to inspire your Valentine’s Day gifting.


Tastemaker The Masters / Fornasetti Metafisica candle

Fornasetti Metafisica candle

“How beautiful are these Fornasetti candles? The quality of both the artwork and the scents is outstanding. It’s a candle whose container is a piece of artwork you can keep forever. We have one in the shop and one at home.” $215, Love & Aesthetics, Little Italy


Tastemaker The Masters / Negroni tumbler glass

Negroni tumbler glass

“The folks at Collins & Coupe have a brilliant selection of glassware and everything else you need for drinks at home as well as professional bartending. These understated and timeless Negroni glasses are a favorite.” $6, Collins & Coupe, North Park


Tastemaker The Masters / The Tinned Fish Cookbook

The Tinned Fish Cookbook by Bart van Olphen

“Bart is a Dutch fish guru who worked in Michelin-starred kitchens in Paris and left to follow his passion for all things fish. After realizing a lot of the fish that we consume aren’t from small fishery communities but from ‘factories on the water,’ he made it his goal to look for fisheries that obtain the best fish while taking care of nature and the environment at the same time.” $17, Clos Wine Shop, University Heights


Tastemaker The Masters / Campestremag


Campestremag is a twice-yearly indie publication that focuses on wine in San Diego and Baja. They love the same wines we do—wines made by small producers using evidentially sustainable farming practices, no additives, quirky grapes, native yeast, and spontaneous fermentation. These wines are better to drink and better for the environment.” $15, Home Ec, Little Italy


Tastemaker The Masters / Quadrum boxed wine

Quadrum red blend boxed wine

“There was a time when only bad wine came in boxes, but those days are thankfully gone. We have boxes and pouches that are ideal for outdoor life or just to keep at home in the fridge—they can last up to two weeks.” $27, Clos Wine Shop, University Heights


Tastemaker The Masters / Isosteel bottle

Isosteel bottle

“This is a must for living in San Diego! We have an Isosteel one-liter vacuum bottle. Each end detaches to become a cup and it keeps wine cold for hours while we’re lolling around in the park. In fact, this prompted us to sell them at the shop for all our friends that buy wine on the way to Trolley Barn Park!” $48, amazon.com

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