Clothing Designer Stacie May Keeps it Rolling Along

San Diego based clothing designer Stacie May creates clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Each piece is limited edition and is 100% made in-house from sketch to sample. I spoke with May a few days before she was set to challenge all traditional runway practices, and present her Spring/Summer 2012 collection in the Linda Vista Skate World roller rink. She told me why she made the choice to lower her prices, what she really thinks of SD fashion, and described her new collection inspired by the era of alternatives—the 1970’s.

RS: Why do a fashion show in a roller rink?

SM: I had been thinking about doing it for a year. A show on roller skates sounded fun to me. I found models who skate. It’s a big risk. It’s something different. I thought why not? It’s never been done in SD. Some people in the local fashion world are embracing the idea and some not. Fashion people in general are not behind me. They don’t like that it’s not fancy or formal. It’s more me. I grew up at the roller rink. It inspires me. 70’s music playing.  I spent most weekends at the roller rink.

RS: Describe your newest clothing line…

SM: It’s bohemian 1970’s meets Studio 54 with a modern twist. I’m presenting five separates looks and five dresses. I found that people were saying that my previous clothes had to worn for an occasion, so this line is more everyday and more wearable. I’m a laid back and free spirited person, and I wanted my clothing to reflect that.

Clothing Designer Stacie May Keeps it Rolling Along

RS: What makes the line Boho and 70’s?

SM: The fabrics I’m using--silk chiffon, chiffon lame, a lot of cottons, polka dots, stripes, and solids. The trims are cotton crochet and I’m using brass rings and brass closures.  Hem lengths are a mix. There are some minis, shorts, pants, skirts and a maxi dress—everything is done with a modern twist to the cut. All of the pieces can be worn together and there are different ways to wear them. Times are tough and women need more versatility.

RS: What are prices like for your designs?

SM: In my opinion high fashion is on the way out. I’ve lowered my dress prices. Now, nothing is more than $100 (with the exception of the vinyl jacket and the maxi dress). I want to appeal to women like me.

RS: Is there anything you’d spend a lot of money on? Like one piece you’d shell out for?

SM: I’ll spend a little extra on jeans. They’ll last forever especially if they fit well.

Clothing Designer Stacie May Keeps it Rolling Along

RS: Where can people find your clothing in San Diego? Especially when they’re not swooshing past on a model in roller skates?

SM: I sell online at my own site, Etsy, Smashing Darling, and US Trendy sites, and in local boutiques, including Industry Showroom, Pretty Is (downtown), Cecelia (Mission Hills), and Bad Madge (South Park).

RS: What can we look forward to after you knock our socks off with the newest trend—roller fashion?

SM: I’m doing an event with the Oceanside Museum of Art around Valentines Day. The subject will be about love and there’ll be an art component. And I’m doing two collections a year for the first time. I’ll have the finances and the time.

RS: Last question….San Diego fashion…why do you think?

SM: Why are we trying to make this city something it’s not?  I love San Diego. I want to stay here and make every possible try to make my business succeed here. I see new talent here everyday. We don’t have to be NY, Milan, or even dare I say it, LA!

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