Sheltering at Home / Shanna Missett Nelson


Carlsbad Village



President, Jazzercise Inc.


Who you’re sheltering with:

Chad (husband), Skyla (daughter, 17), Sienna (daughter, 14), Brooke (sister-in-law), Jailen (nephew, 18)


What you’re doing for exercise:

Jazzercise, of course—teaching and creating new choreography! Dancing as exercise is definitely a stress reliever, and it’s proven! It releases endorphins and stabilizes serotonin, your feel-good chemicals.


Go-to meal:

I am a super-habitual eater. My smoothie is one banana, protein powder of choice, collagen protein, PB Fit powder, and six ounces of water. My go-to Crock-Pot recipe is barbecue chicken: organic chicken cutlets, barbecue sauce, a little water, and cook away (so fancy!).


New TV show you’ve discovered:

I wish, but honestly, I haven’t had the time. We’re still working overtime for our business, so there has not been time to Netflix and chill. When I do have time to watch anything, I like feel-good shows and comedies. Friends being out on HBO Max makes me so happy!


Rituals to stay sane:

So. Much. Jazzercise. My tough days almost always happen when I haven’t worked out. I try to get off my laptop and move—I will work on choreography, lift some weights, and try to refocus. It’s not easy, and during the pandemic my anxiety has definitely gone up, but movement makes me feel better—always.


What you’ve come to appreciate:

I’ve appreciated the time with my daughters and nephew, especially as my older daughter is heading to college in a year and my nephew Jailen is going this fall. And I am very grateful for my backyard!


Your daily uniform at home:

Leggings of any kind! With all the sitting, a tight waistband is not my friend.


What you can’t wait to do when it’s safe for everything to reopen:

I’d love to go to Disneyland with the girls. And, I’d love to go out to dinner and not worry.


What your workspace looks like:

I work everywhere. At my kitchen table. On my patio. Even in the babysitting room at my Jazzercise facilities. I like to move around.

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