Spotlight on Women: Cathryn Rameriez

Cathryn Ramirez

What is your background with Tiffany?

I started in 1988 at the South Coast Plaza store. When the first store opened in San Diego in 1992, I came here as a sales professional. I grew up in a family-owned jewelry business in Texas. My father encouraged me to go to work for a jeweler when I completed my Graduate Gemologist certification from GIA, and to work for the best. He suggested that I apply at Tiffany & Co.

What is your current position?

I am one of five group directors in this region. I have held many positions during my 25 years with Tiffany.

I understand that you will be inducted into the Tiffany & Co. "Twenty-Five Year Club." What does it mean to be inducted into this club?

As I celebrate my 25 years of service, part of the recognition is being inducted into the club on September 20 at a luncheon at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. I will also be gifted with a commemorative piece of jewelry. I am one of two employees who has worked in branches outside our New York store for this long.

How have you managed your life as a wife and mother along with your career?

I have been committed to my career, and at the same time I have been an involved wife and parent. My family has always come first. At times I was forced to decide if I wanted to leave San Diego for a major city, and I knew I could not leave. The company has allowed me to make decisions that benefit my family life, and remain in this region.

How do you handle the business travel?

My husband, Dave, travels a lot, but he has a home-based office so when he is in town, he is able to be involved in our children’s activities. I am grateful for our partnership because neither of us could do it all.

How much down time do you have?

I take an annual trip with a group to Canyon Ranch. That is the only thing I do that is just for me. I spend that five days of time to refocus myself. The rest of my time away from the store I try to make quality time with family.

Do you own the jewelry you wear?

Absolutely. There are a few occasions where Tiffany is a sponsor of an event and we are showing jewelry, for which I wear company jewelry, but other than that it is all mine.

How much do you spend on jewelry?

I couldn’t tell you because my husband has no idea, and I have to keep it a secret.

How do you discipline yourself when it comes to buying?

My purchases for myself are the same as if I were buying for a client. I select items that complement my lifestyle and other pieces that I already own.

If you were not with Tiffany, where else might you be?

Certainly not in the jewelry business. After 25 years, I bleed Tiffany blue blood. I have such respect for the brand that I could not be anywhere else.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

I make my greatest contribution by mentoring and developing people. If I help someone succeed in their career and I have a little piece of their success, that is my greatest accomplishment.

How does Tiffany give back?

By supporting as many organizations as we possibly can. In addition, the Tiffany Foundation supports organizations pertaining to environment and preserving parks. Personally, I work with my daughter in National Charity League and with my son in Teen Volunteers in Action.

Will you retire from Tiffany?

I hope to.

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