Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

Age: 35

Neighborhood: Leucadia

Current Job: Owner of Campfire restaurant

Background: Resnick broke into San Diego’s food scene as general manager of Craft & Commerce and Ironside Fish & Oyster. Five years later, he traded the bustle of downtown to blaze his own trail alongside his wife and kids, opening Campfire in Carlsbad in 2016. "It’s been a hell of a ride thus far, and we’re just getting started. With Campfire, that is. We’re done with kids."

Fashion Philosophy: "Always pretend you’re Johnny Cash, no matter what you’re wearing—even if that happens to be sweatpants and tees that my wife says are too small."

Shopping Philosophy: "I try to source from companies who are passionate about what they do. A lot of time that means buying from local folks, not only for sustainability and boosting local economies, but because it feels good."

Fashion and Cooking Style: "Damn good, well made, well raised, and well grown. I’ll always take quality over quantity."


His Picks:

Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"Stetson’s Open Road 6X Cowboy Hat makes me feel like a cowboy, which is cool."



Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"Topo does no wrong. This Commuter Briefcase is good for work and good for play." 



Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"Yeti’s Rambler Lowball keeps my coffee hot and my fingers cool."



Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"My Engineer Stripe Chore Jacket from Best Made works with everything just about all the time."



Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"High West’s Campfire Whiskey is deliciously blended, combining scotch, bourbon, and rye. And… you’ve gotta love the name."

$75; Leucadia Liquor, Leucadia


Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"I think Raen’s Wiley sunglasses were made for me. My son’s name is Wiley and the Raen team makes amazing products and are great people. It’s a win-win." 



Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"Cooking with a Big Green Egg makes everything taste better. I have the XL. We got it about six months before Campfire opened so we could have a ‘test kitchen’ in my backyard."

Prices start at $499; Barbeques Galore, Encinitas


Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"My monthly issue of Bon Appétit keeps me informed and inspired."

$15 for 12 issues


Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"With my Staub cast-iron skillet, I feel like I can cook anything."

$170; Sur La Table, Fashion Valley


Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"Vans Slip-On Pro are my go-to footwear—classic and always cool." 



Meet the Tastemaker: John Resnick

"I’ve got a few Best Made knives, including this Makiri Fisherman’s Knife, and I’m obsessed with them. Plus, it makes me feel manly to cut something, even if it’s usually just a brown box."


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