Letter from the Editor: Behind Our Magazine Redesign

In the same way that fashions change, so do fonts. And page layouts. And ideas for recurring articles. Just as you might have tired of that bomber jacket, we too have decided to store some of our staples. I am happy to announce San Diego Magazine’s 2020 redesign, with a whole new look, fresh columns, and better organization.

Our calendar has returned to its place in the front of the book and now includes a "one-minute guide" to the month’s biggest event (for January, it’s the Farmers Insurance Open). Other items debuting in our Culture section include "70 & Sunny," a sort of meet-your-neighbor page where we interview one septuagenarian and one elementary schooler with a sunny outlook. We also have some real real estate—two roommates tell us what they pay in rent, why they chose their neighborhood, and what their homeowning aspirations are. Our copy chief, Dan Letchworth, is also a crackerjack researcher; he’s launching a new column, "Dansplaining," in which he solves all the mysteries about San Diego that you wouldn’t find on Google. Email him your questions at danswers@sdmag.com. In Food & Drink, we’re dedicating an entire page to things we’re loving (Nashville hot chicken! Mocktails that taste like the real thing!), and this month, a step-by-step about ramen on tap. In the Style section, my favorite new regular column is "Plant This, Pot That." Plants are the new pets, and editor Sarah Pfledderer is so on top of the trend (though she still has time to care for a cat and a rabbit).

Our cover story on healthy eating explores the in-vogue ingredients you’ll see on more menus in 2020—including freekah, seaweed, and hemp seeds—and dives into the habits of our most health-conscientious San Diegans. Writer Kohleun Adamson says San Diego is a vegan destination, and I was surprised to learn we really are "on the veg of greatness"—at least compared to LA.

In "How We Did It," local entrepreneurs describe their road map to the top, including the pitfalls along the way. How did Comic-Con make being geeky cool? How did Burger Lounge establish itself in a recession (and a saturated burger market)? And how the heck did $45 million fall into the $90-sweatpant lap of Vuori founder Joe Kudla? You can meet some of these startup superstars at our Behind the Brands event in Little Italy on February 20.

Be sure to say hi at the party, and drop me a line with your feedback on the January issue.

Happy New Year!

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Letter from the Editor: Behind Our Magazine Redesign

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