How to Get Hired in San Diego

"Network like crazy! If there’s a job at a certain company that’s a perfect fit for you, then you need someone to open a door for you. Use friends, acquaintances, social media, or whatever it takes to find someone who knows someone in that company." —Phil Blair, executive officer, Manpower; author of Job Won! 500,000 Hires and Counting

"Successful candidates do their homework on an organization’s culture and values and know the business. It is critical to not only have the right skill set, but also to possess learning agility. In today’s evolving marketplace, successful candidates can tangibly demonstrate how their past performance and experiences indicate their ability to achieve in the future." —Laura Ash, senior vice president, Human Resources, Sony Electronics, North America

"We look for people who share a common purpose with ESET, to help protect families and businesses online. Candidates should show a genuine interest in the company and bring a passion for why they want to work for us. Showing up with a positive attitude will go a long way." —Celeste Blodgett, vice president of Human Resources, ESET

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