70 & Sunny / Art and Faera

Art (left) and Faera

Art Castro

71, Architect and Volunteer, Bonita

Once you’re ready to travel again, what’s first on your list?

My wife and I planned to go to Africa this year for our 20th anniversary; we’d still like to make that trip happen someday. We’re food travelers, so anywhere with great food is on our list.

Do you cook?

I love cooking and experimenting with recipes. I’ll even ask chefs for their recipes when I go out to eat. The chef at the Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans gave me one when I ate there, but it served 100 people!

How has San Diego changed, architecturally?

I remember when Horton Plaza opened. It was such a big moment because, at that time, it completely transformed a part of San Diego that people didn’t really want to go to before.

What else do you like to do?

Volunteering has always been a passion of mine. I wanted to help support kids, especially other Hispanic kids. I get to do that at Reality Changers, which provides mentorship for first-generation college-bound students.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

I want to start playing the guitar again and spend more time with my grandkids.

Faera Moore

7, Second Grader, North Park

Where do you want to travel next?

Maine. We have friends there and I actually lost my first pair of glasses there. Well, my mom wasn’t keeping track of them and lost them when she went into the water at the beach.

Do you think you’ll find them one day?

We always joke that a crab is walking around wearing them. They were purple.

Are you an indoor or outdoor kind of girl?

I like going on adventures, but I’m not a huge fan of hiking. Mostly I like camping and checking out the lizards. I really want to catch one, but I’m thinking that my cat will try to eat it if I bring it home.

What do you like to do when you’re at home?

I like working on my Barbie Dream House. I’ve made extra furniture and a school that they can visit. I have to work on construction issues, though. Sometimes they fall apart because they’re made from cardboard.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

I want to take dance lessons so that I can be a better dancer.

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