4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines

Cushions by Kelly Hinchman

"I’m charmed by geometric shapes and also love to show a bit of playfulness in my work. These cushions are fun and make any space instantly chic—I wanted to create something that would be functional but a conversation starter. I was inspired by French modern design, as it tends to lean more sophisticated without being too stuffy. The luxurious prima alpaca fabric is a little unexpected, but it’s also a versatile fabric that can add a pop to any style. This cushion line is an introduction to a wider furniture line that is launching in the fall. That includes five introductory pieces for the home: a headboard, a nightstand, and a coffee table, to name a few... More to come in the winter."

—Founder and design principal, Studio H Design Groupstudiohdesign


4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines
4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines

Plant hangers by Jennifer Braidwood

"It was really just a happy accident. I was styling and photographing products for a client who saw a picture of one of my DIY plant hangers. The client asked if they could buy them wholesale, and the business was born—early on, I could barely keep up with the orders. Plants are the new it home accessory, and people are seeking new ways to display and style them. I always side more with the modern side of design. Wood, metal, and simple, clean lines are my jam. I’ve got some new wall-mounted plant shelves coming out next, and people are dying for plant hangers in silver, so that’s on the list."

—Owner, Braid & Wood Design Studiobraidandwood


4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines
4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines

Pillows by Abbie Naber

"In fall 2017, I had been home with a baby and was going a bit stir crazy. I needed a creative outlet, and was looking to start a side gig. My intention has never been to mass produce or create absurd volumes of pillows to sell. I’m a very small shop and proud of that. To me, there’s value in the hunt for the fabric; I love sourcing fabric while traveling, finding hidden gems at the flea market and having only a few to sell. I think they’re more special that way. It’s about the pattern, the fade, the use of color, or finding something rare."

—Owner and principal designer, A. Naber Designanaberdesign


4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines
4 San Diego Interior Designers Launch Their Own Lines

Formes by Amy Meier

"I was strolling through the Parisian flea markets and I saw this darling set of antique three-dimensional shapes. They were over a hundred years old, with wonderful, romantic patination, but they also felt modern, with crisp lines and sharp angles. I wanted to capture this dichotomy in a line of accessories, but on a more impactful scale. I went to Stone Yard with the idea, and in winter 2018 we collaborated to create this line. Each Forme is unique, with an irregular, organic finish that includes the subtle imperfections that come with the human hand. This touch breathes life into the shapes, and creates a true feeling of authenticity. Next, we’ve enlisted the help of Erik Gustafson, an uber-talented woodworker from Chicago, to create another thing I was longing for but couldn’t find on the market: a new line of handmade art easels. Stay tuned."

—Principal designer, Amy Meier Designshopamymeier

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