Estimated Monthly Retirement Allowance
Using Retirement Factor 1:

  1. Enter Compensation $6,077/mo x 12mo = 72,924
  2. Multiply Line 1 by 10%: $7,292.4
  3. Add Line 1 to Line 2 for Adjusted Compensation: $80,216.4
  4. Number of monthly payments per year: 12
  5. Divide Line 3 by Line 4 to determine your Average Monthly Salary: $6,684.7
  6. Using Estimation Table 1** enter your retirement factor
  7. percentage found where your age at retirement and your years of service credit intersect: 74.9975%
  8. Multiply Line 5 by Line 6 to determine your Monthly Retirement Allowance using Retirement Factor: $5,013.36

Total annual payout upon retirement:

$60,160/year for life

Retirement, new-school

A new plan proposes that new hires in the City of San Diego move to a 401k state retirement plan, which requires greater contributions from employees and is subject to market conditions over the life of the investment.


Have your say when the proposal goes to a public vote next June.

*Does not include DROP payments or additional bonus
compensation or other retirement options
**See for full table
Learn more at

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