Carlsbad Flower Fields

Carlsbad Flower Fields

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As the prospect of safe travel inches closer every day, groups can begin organizing fun ways to get out of town. Hopping on a plane or traveling long distances from San Diego may not be recommended at this time, but planning a group trip close to home is a safer way to enjoy time with friends, family, or even local organizations like youth groups or school pods. 

There are plenty of amazing places within a two-hour drive from the city, and San Diego Charter Bus Company can take you anywhere you’d like to go. Craft an itinerary for your day trip and board a private charter bus rental to your destination.   

Not sure where to go on your day trip around San Diego? Here are a few ideas.


Distance from downtown San Diego: ~40 minutes or 45 miles 

Perfect for: Groups of families or friends

If you’ve been in the San Diego metro area for a while, you’ve probably already been to Carlsbad. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a second or third visit. About 20 minutes north of Encinitas, you’ll find plenty of fun for the whole family. Visit the beautiful Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch when they're in full bloom, or stroll along the picturesque Carlsbad Sea Wall. You can travel in complete comfort and according to your own schedule anywhere in Carlsbad when you rent a bus with San Diego Charter Bus Company. 


Temecula Valley

Distance from downtown San Diego: ~1 hour or 60 miles

Perfect for: Friend trips or a team-building day with coworkers 

From a day of company team building at pristine golf courses to wine tasting with a group of your best friends, Temecula Valley has everything you need to enjoy yourselves. The wine country boasts more than 50 wineries, five golf courses, and a variety of outdoor activities like horseback riding and easy hiking. Planning a private winery tour of Temecula is easy when you rent a minibus with a professional driver behind the wheel.  

Palomar Mountain

Distance from downtown San Diego: ~1 hour and 45 minutes or 70 miles

Perfect for: School field trips and scout troops

If you have a school pod or youth group that’s been itching to explore the outdoors, plan a quick trip over to Palomar Mountain State Park. It has around a dozen trails, ranging from beginner friendly for young children to strenuous hikes for an adventurous bunch of older kids. You can also pop into the Palomar Observatory if you have a group interested in space and science—just be sure to look at the observatory’s website to book a guided tour and check for any weather-related closures.


Distance from downtown San Diego: ~1 hour and 45 minutes or 96 miles

Perfect for: Families with kids or big family reunions later in the year 

After being apart for so long, spending time with extended family is more important than ever! A family day at one of Anaheim’s many theme parks would be a fun way to catch up. Large families may have a hard time organizing a carpool system and making sure everyone arrives at the park on time. Renting a charter bus from San Diego to Anaheim will keep your entire family together on the road there. Be sure to review each theme park’s reopening and group visitor guidelines to ensure you have the safest trip possible. 

Borrego Springs

Borrego Springs

Distance from downtown San Diego: ~1 hour and 55 minutes or 90 miles

Perfect for: Groups of art lovers and/or nature enthusiasts

Sure, there are quite a few places to go on a hike around San Diego, but nowhere else is quite like Borrego Springs. Along with its beautiful mountainous desert landscape, Borrego Springs also has massive metal sculptures of animals and mythical creatures made by artist Ricardo Breceda. The 130 sculptures are located in Galleta Meadows, just a short distance from the highway. You’ll see intense battles between dinosaurs, a giant scorpion preying upon a grasshopper, and a 350-foot dragon snaking through the sand. 

Travel with San Diego Charter Bus Company

Ready to hit the road? A representative will help you find the best San Diego charter bus rental at the right price when you call 619-209-7804. Reserve your bus rental with San Diego Charter Bus Company at any time for your next short-distance day trip!

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