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Well before the pandemic hit and subjected us to its consequences, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) had already caught the wave of the future for working environments. Sure, coworking spaces have been around for a while, but with some employers now accepting remote workers as the norm, these spaces are in even higher demand. Larger companies that used to support hundreds in a sprawling office are reimagining their spaces, and looking for ways to provide professional comforts without breaking the bank.

San Diego County boasts over 5,000 BBB Accredited Businesses. While some have closed their brick-and-mortar doors, many are reconsidering new options for what the work environment can look like. BBB Pacific Southwest is among the most innovative and progressive in the nation, and we’re constantly evolving to exceed the needs of diverse business owners and startup entrepreneurs. We offer a full circle of support, including business loans, a business incubator, Empower by GoDaddy business accelerator, and continued education. These tools help businesses grow on an ethical path that leads to operating with integrity.

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At our BBB Pacific Southwest, San Diego Campus, we’ve been slowly (and safely) preparing our doors to open at our Business and Community Center, which includes ignite Sparked by BBB, a coworking and meeting destination. This sleek and stylish facility allows businesses to navigate changes during this economic downturn without the hassle of owning an office, but with the perks of working alongside a trusted resource. 

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This 6,500-square-foot, beautifully decorated space boasts flexible seating, meeting rooms, a podcast studio, and stunning high-rise views. The communal setup allows for collaboration and inspiration with other businesses as needed, and private spaces for more focused times. BBB partners with industry experts to provide businesses access to support along their journey, like the Small Business Development Center and many local chambers of commerce. These collaborations provide a network for opportunities to learn about best business practices, ethical behavior, and how to build stronger, more trustworthy relationships with customers.

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BBB has been around for a while (a century is pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves), and we’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs. Crazy as it sounds, COVID-19 is not the first pandemic we’ve weathered. What’s remained constant, however, is our flexibility to change and ability to shine as a force of good to help businesses be the best they can be. Together, we can grow and build better businesses from what we’ve learned.

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We’re just as eager as you to get back to normal. Stay tuned for details on our Business and Community Center and coworking space grand opening. Reach out to Linda Karimi, director of hospitality and business development, at, to be the first to know.

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