10 Reasons to Attend the Pacific Region Military Youth of the Year Celebration

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We asked Mike Fasulo, President and COO of Sony Electronics and Co-Chair of this year’s Boys and Girls Clubs of America Pacific Military Youth of the Year to give us his top reasons for attending the event. He’s a pretty cool guy, straight up smart, and is obsessed about supporting our youth and military.

Here is what he had to say:


1. Military Support!

The military supports you, so why wouldn’t you support the military? Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Military Youth of The Year is a great cause and I’m proud to Co-Chair the event and celebration of club youth for the seventh year in a row. Show support of our military and their families by attending this event.


2. Get Inspired!

You will end the evening feeling transformed by the finalist’s stories of their resilience and leadership. These kids will help make the world a better place. When you attend the event you will be investing in their (and our) future.


3. Rub Some Elbows

Obviously, due to privacy, we can’t list these people’s names, but you can chat with and meet the "who’s who" in San Diego including notable leaders in tech and military. This impactful networking event for a good cause and is an opportunity not to be missed.


10 Reasons to Attend the Pacific Region Military Youth of the Year Celebration

4. Bill Walton @BillWalton

Need I Say More? BGCA and NBA Hall of Famer of the Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics, and the San Diego Clippers with a 19-year career in sports broadcasting. Two interesting facts to know about Bill: He is a biotech enthusiast, and he makes sure to attend as many Grateful Dead concerts as possible. He is a San Diego legend.


5. Great Food

Leave your diet at the door! The Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine chef’s food selection, especially for this event, is impeccable. Trust me, they know how to feed you. Come hungry, you will leave with a full tummy and heart.


10 Reasons to Attend the Pacific Region Military Youth of the Year Celebration

6. Mike Pomeranz #FriarFaithful

The "Voice of the Padres" will be on the mic. Come see him do what he does best, get the crowd excited and engaged. He is also a notable champion of social good. Let’s go Padres!


7. Technology Experience Zone

Get your hands on the latest and greatest in AI, VR, Imaging, audio and our favorite robot dog (no joke) aibo! The demos will blow you away. This is an exciting opportunity for tech enthusiasts to get up close with cutting edge technology and a sneak peek into the future of robotics. You’re guaranteed to raise your social media stats with #NowYouKnowSony


10 Reasons to Attend the Pacific Region Military Youth of the Year Celebration

8. Eight Incredible Candidates

5 young women and 3 young men – who have displayed great leadership by overcoming enormous odds. Let’s celebrate these outstanding individuals for their academic success, good character, and commitment to the community. The judges will have a tough job awarding the big bucks with a scholarship to tomorrow’s leaders. 


9. Giving back is in our history and DNA

Sony is founded on this principle and continues to carry our founder’s legacy of enriching lives and creating social good through our technology. Our goal will always be to create social value through our innovative products.


10. Getting Women to the Flight Deck

Alaska Airlines recently signed a pledge in partnership with Sister of The Skies non-profit to increase their African American female pilots by 2025. This program is creating a pathway for women to seek careers in aviation and will build a diverse workforce that relates with their broad client base. #SistersofTheSkies

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