Promises2Kids Camp Connect Bowling

Meet siblings Maya (13), James (12), Mallory (10), Joseph (8), and Melanie (6). 

They entered foster care at the beginning of 2020 and are currently living apart in 3 separate foster homes. They were removed from their home due to abuse and neglect, and their parents could not meet their basic needs. 

Maya and her brothers and sisters have been participants of Camp Connect since early 2021 and have consistently been attending all group events and monthly sibling visits.  

They recently got together and enjoyed an evening of eating, playing arcade games and bowling. With no memory of ever bowling before, they were excited to try it out. They got their bowling shoes on and were ready to roll their ball down the lane for the first time. After a couple of unsuccessful rounds, they decided to use the bumpers. They laughed at one another and cheered each other on as their bowling balls hit the sides of the bumpers before knocking over a couple of bowling pins. James was the first to get a strike and his siblings excitedly pointed at the tv and were thrilled to see the “You Got a Strike” graphic that popped up. Everyone got a strike or spare before the end of the night. 

After bowling, they followed each other around at the arcade and played games, while rooting each other on. They especially loved playing racing games against one another. When it was time to get prizes, the siblings combined their tickets and gave them to their youngest sibling Melanie, so she could get prize she really wanted – pink slime. Melanie was so happy to get her slime and thanked each of her siblings. 

Maya and her siblings had the best time and were already talking about when they would see each other next!

Each year, there are over 3,000 current and former foster youth in San Diego County who enter foster care due to abuse and neglect, through no fault of their own. 

As a result, 40% of foster children in San Diego are living apart from their brothers and sisters. Fortunately, through Promises2Kids’ Camp Connect program, siblings have opportunities to reunite through monthly day events, in addition to a four-day summer camp. This provides siblings the time to create new and positive memories, to replace negative memories that they would rather forget. During these moments, they spend quality time together having fun, and just get to be kids. For most, these moments are their only opportunity to see each other. Staying connected and strengthening their bonds with one another is crucial.

Moments like this are not taken for granted by children in foster care, and thanks to kindhearted community members like you, Promises2Kids can continue to make these beautiful moments happen – ones that are special, memorable and life changing. 

To learn more about becoming a volunteer or donating to help create a brighter future for foster children®, visit

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