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Kashi has joined forces with I Love a Clean San Diego to give back to the local community by cleaning up the coast. Kashi team members, I Love a Clean San Diego, and volunteers will head to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas July 13 to remove litter from the sand and surrounding areas, and since volunteers will be working up an appetite, Kashi will be serving up Kashi GO cereals and recently introduced protein bars.

Since the very beginning, Kashi has been working to make a positive impact through food. When early wellness pioneers, La Jolla couple Gayle and Phil Tauber, founded Kashi in 1984, their mission was to bring healthy plant-based options to the breakfast table. Kashi is rooted in the belief that food should do more… not only be tasty and fuel for health, but also help support our communities. 

Kashi has grown over the years to become the largest organic cereal brand in the country, and their passion for supporting communities hasn’t wavered. From working with various local nonprofits, like Feeding San Diego to supporting farmers seeking to make the switch to organic, Kashi has brought a positive impact to the heath of people and plant.

This summer, Kashi wants you to do more of what you love, from playing at the beach to surfing the waves and a clean, safe place is important for us all. Kashi is partnering with I Love a Clean San Diego for a beach clean up and invites you to join them in this effort. If a clean beach is not enough motivation, did you know that volunteering can increase your level of happiness? According to a study by the London School of Economics, when compared to people who never volunteer, those who volunteer monthly were 7 percent more likely to report being "very happy." The figure rose to 12 percent in people who volunteer every two to four weeks, and to 16 percent in weekly volunteers. Let’s get happy vibes going by joining Kashi this Saturday at the beach!

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