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Julianna Torres, Community Concierge

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There’s something to be said about the uplifting sound of hustle and bustle. For many more months than we hoped, our mundane couch-and-coffee-table-turned-office space routine has been on repeat. Maybe those four ever-encroaching walls are filled with too much noise (hello, family and kids), or maybe the silence is getting to you. Either way, it’s time to branch out and welcome inspiration back in your work life. 

BBB - Jake and Jose

BBB team members Jake Roberts and Jose Anca

Before the pandemic turned our economy upside down, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) was already creating a new, uplifting work environment fit for diverse business owners and nonprofits looking to ignite passion back into their work day.

BBB - lobby

ignite sparked by BBB front lobby

Spacious, sleek design fuse with upscale business amenities in our newest coworking and meeting destination, ignite sparked by BBB. The latest expansion of BBB’s San Diego Campus offers a 6,000 square foot professional space to the business community, providing a welcoming and inclusive coworking environment. Perched on the top floor with gorgeous views, ignite sparked by BBB is centrally located in Kearny Mesa. With four meeting rooms, a podcast room and varying seating options, the space is ideal for individual drop-ins, client meetings, creative sessions, leadership retreats, and networking events. 

BBB - inside

ignite sparked by BBB communal space

The communal setup sparks inspiring business collisions between companies, while private spaces allow for more focused productivity. BBB partners with industry experts to provide convenient business guidance, like office hours with the Small Business Development Center and chambers of commerce. But the space isn’t only ideal for startups looking for cost effective options; BBB welcomes companies of all sizes looking for flexible, short-term solutions as employees navigate hybrid working situations. Collaborations in shared spaces provide a network to learn about best business practices, ethical behavior and how to build stronger, more trustworthy relationships with customers. 

ignite - conference

What sets ignite sparked by BBB apart from other coworking facilities is the genuine care given to ensuring businesses succeed. As a leading non-profit organization, BBB offers a full circle of support including business loans, self-paced online incubator, accelerator and continued education. These tools help businesses ethically grow and operate with integrity. 

The experience at ignite sparked by BBB is elevated by Linda Karimi, Director of Hospitality and Business Development and Julianna Torres, Community Concierge. Both exceptional team members utilize their 23 years of combined, international knowledge in the hotel and hospitality industries to ensure an experience for guests that exceeds all expectations.

BBB - Linda

Linda Karimi, Director of Hospitality and Business Development

“After working at renowned hotels like The Ritz and The Meurice in Paris, France, and The Westgate in San Diego, I knew the cross-cultural hospitality experience I gained would provide added value to a nonprofit like BBB. Serving businesses with the same high standards of a hotel in a coworking space creates a welcoming feel with the comforts of a home away from where their journey can thrive without the hassle and added costs of managing an office. And with price options starting at just $180, it's within reach for any business,” shares Karimi. 

 San Diego County boasts over 5,000 BBB Accredited Businesses committed to doing things the right way. While ignite sparked by BBB is open to all businesses, BBB Accredited Businesses receive one free day pass to cowork and up to six hours of complimentary use of available meeting rooms per month.

Stop in, schedule your tour online or contact or for more details. Free daily and weekly trial passes are available, but you won’t even need that long to see why ignite sparked by BBB stands out above the crowd. Visit us at 4747 Viewridge Avenue in San Diego or call 858.427.1140.

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