A personal approach to each individual patient has always been the hallmark of Dr. Abhay Gupta, medical director of Gupta Plastic Surgery. Well known for his highly trained skills and reassuring bedside manner, Dr. Gupta has built a very large and successful medical practice in San Diego since moving here from Texas six years ago. Gupta Plastic Surgery has locations in Vista and Scripps Ranch.

From the moment they walk in the door, patients of Dr. Gupta can relax and enjoy the spa-inspired décor of his new office, which features calming colors and soothing waterfalls. The experience of comfort and personalized care is extended into every visit, where the patient’s needs are always at the forefront of care.

"During my twelve years of practice, my approach has always been to sit down with each patient and first make them feel comfortable," says Dr. Gupta. "They are never going to feel rushed. My typical consultation can take between 45 minutes and one hour. I talk to the patients about all of their options in detail to their satisfaction. We then come up with a decision together to pick the safest, most reliable procedure to meet their expectations and desires."

To extend his patients’ comfort, Dr. Gupta is fully credentialed at nine San Diego County hospitals and six outpatient surgery centers. Patients can select the facility where they are most comfortable or closest to their home or work.

It’s more than just personalized care however, that has made Dr. Gupta such a sought-after cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. His exceptional training and practice experience have made him a true artist. He is fellowship-trained in both cosmetic surgery and microsurgery, a highly advanced form of surgery that less than 1 percent of all plastic surgeons have been trained in.

"When you are deciding on plastic surgery, the surgeon you choose is extremely important in predicting a successful outcome," notes Dr. Gupta. "My ultimate goal with each and every patient is an excellent result with the ultimate in safety."


Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

10672 Wexford Street, Suite 275 | San Diego, CA 92131 | 858-621-6000 | www.GuptaPlasticSurgery.com

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