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I am a DIYer. I love buying a well-loved vintage furnishing and repainting or refinishing it. I’ve made over dressers and tables, beds and etageres in rooms throughout my home, but I have completely neglected my husband’s and my bedroom. It’s still filled with furnishings that need to be painted and redone.

My husband says that while the rest of our house looks mostly decorated (I have a few outstanding things to do), our room feels like we’re still in college, living among a mishmash of hand-me-down furnishings and Craigslist finds. 

So for Father’s Day, I told him I’d finish our room. But with two small kids who aren’t yet old enough to be left unsupervised while I tinker away in the garage, it’s likely to take me several weeks to complete. Yikes.

We didn’t want to move everything into boxes for the duration. Just as I was beginning to research temporary furniture options, Fernish reached out and offered to help.

Fernish is a relatively new (they started in 2017) company looking to change the traditionally blah rent-to-own furnishing market by making the process of decorating a space stylish, flexible, and affordable. They’ve partnered with popular furniture brands like EQ3, Crate & Barrel, CB2, and Campaign, among others, to lease big-ticket items such as beds, sofas, and dining tables as well as the finishing touches—rugs, lamps, mirrors, and other décor—for a monthly fee. When the lease is up, you can choose to buy the piece, swap it out, or return it.

They let me test drive their service—and their furnishings and accessories—and share the experience with you, our readers, to give you an accurate peek into what you get when you choose Fernish to furnish your dwelling.  

Fernish - bedside

Whether renting furniture is just a temporary fix or your economical path to higher-end furniture ownership, Fernish has options for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, home offices, and outdoor spaces. 

My initial wish list included a proper bedframe, nightstands, and a bench. I visited the site and rather than sifting through thousands of overwhelming choices, the well-edited selection of a handful of options—all modern and neutral—complement the other items on the site but also what I already has in the room.

I sent the design team at Fernish a video of my sad bedroom and we talked about my desire for a grown-up room that feels warm and inviting. Together, we finalized selections for the bedroom but moved on to add a better desk and chair for my home office, and some additional outdoor seating around our fire pit. I chose a few lamps, mirrors, and a rug, put it all in my cart, opted for a two-month lease, and set up a delivery day and time for my goods to arrive.

On the day of delivery, the team showed up right on time. They unpacked everything, assembled all of the furnishings (saving me hours of frustration since putting together furniture is not at all my forte), and helped me move everything around until we felt that the placement was just right. The best part? This amazing service is included! There aren’t any additional fees for them to build beds or set up your rental pieces in your home. It was like I opted for white-glove service (which I never do because it’s so costly) for free.

I knew my room would look different—and better—but I had no idea that the furnishings and accessories from Fernish would have an impact on my overall well-being. I didn’t realize that my room was causing me anxiety until it wasn’t anymore. Fernish transformed the mismatched room we’ve been living with for 10 years into the bedroom of our dreams, and they did it all in under an hour! Having a room furnished with these coordinating modern, well-made pieces changed the entire vibe—truly a miracle. Now, I retreat to my bedroom earlier to relax and enjoy it.

Things we already owned now look better in the room, too. Our off-white bedding and throw pillows appear more tailored (and expensive looking) draped on the walnut Monarch bed, plants feel lusher next to and on top of the coordinating Marcel nightstands, and the floors are cozier with the Ed rug underfoot.

My prior home office setup wasn’t terrible, but the Fernish team convinced me to try the Ryze Sit/Stand desk, and it’s definitely improved my focus and productivity. When I need a break from sitting, I raise the desk, stand, and continue writing or editing. The rolling midback office chair in Terracotta is definitely a better looking and more comfortable upgrade from the vintage dining chair I’d been using. 

Fernish -outside

Outside, the Fernish team enhanced our outdoor space by adding two of the oversize Tolliver chairs and an ottoman, giving us more space to entertain, something we’re finally starting to do again. And my kids love snuggling together in one of the chairs while they roast marshmallows over our fire pit. 

Before Fernish, I never considered renting furnishings—and now I’m hooked. I’m recommending them to all my friends in Southern California. Fernish is a game-changer for anyone who wants to create their dream home without sacrificing style or flexibility and without spending a fortune to do it. 

Fernish - office

I am so enamored with my grown-up room, more functional home office, and entertaining space outside—not to mention my less-stressed outlook because of it—that I’m seriously considering buying most of the items from Fernish when the lease agreement expires. It makes total sense since the cost to buy the pieces at the end of the lease is what they would cost at retail. 

I’ll gift my untouched “projects” to some other hopeful DIYer. 

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