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You’re walking through downtown San Diego and a gleam catches your eye. Intrigued, you stop abruptly and open the door to a space you would expect to find on Madison Avenue. That gleam was the spark from the five stunning disco balls; you hear music and the sound of glasses clinking and good vibes filling the air. The bar serves only the finest local beer, like Mike Hess. You take a look around and realize it’s not just a lounge, it’s a hair salon.

This is Tailored Hair. 

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Tailored Hair is an elevated barbering experience that’s been customizing haircuts in San Diego for the past eight years. Its chill, inviting, and funky new flagship location in East Village takes self-care for men to another level, allowing space to escape the chaos of the day and unwind with a book, a conversation, or a beer. It’s a hair salon that specializes not just in custom cuts and new techniques, but also in making your day a little easier even if you don’t need a cut. Come in, say hello, and hang out.

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Founder Lizzy Broughton speaks on how her passion to create a safe creative space came to life: “I’ve been cutting hair for half my life now. For a large portion of that time I’ve been sketching out ideas and brainstorming with friends and clients about what the space would look and feel like one day. At one point I was attending Indiana University, having these conversations while cutting hair out of my dorm room, so it’s really special to see it all come to fruition years later.”

Tailored Hair - interior

Clients love coming to Tailored Hair because it feels like home away from home. “We’ve created such a cool relationship with clients that many like to just hang out and take it all in,” Lizzy says. “We’ll be so thrilled to fully activate our space. People are hungry to connect with each other again and be around others in a safe way. We’re so excited to play our part in bringing folks together again, one haircut at a time.”

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