Dr. Nader Ehsani, Board Certified Specialist

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

7695 Cardinal Court, Suite 320

San Diego, CA 92123



Elite Orthodontics is an avant-garde orthodontic practice, dedicated to the most advanced orthodontic care available for both children and adults. Our team sparkles with enthusiasm and a caring attitude toward our patients.

Dr. Nader Ehsani and his expert team are skilled in the latest orthodontic techniques, including short-time fast (tie-less) braces, Damon Braces, Invisalign, and other esthetic braces. As a result, his patients enjoy optimal results and maximum comfort in the least amount of time. 

Orthodontics has undergone a massive revolution in the past 10 years, both in technology and philosophy of treatment. We spend every day in our practice focusing on this orthodontic revolution and do everything we can to ensure that we are on the absolute cutting edge of orthodontic theory and practice. 

Through computer-aided diagnostics, digital X-rays, cutting-edge braces and wires, individual growth analysis, laser assisted orthodontics, advanced TAD (temporary anchorage device) utilization, and unrelenting attention to detail, we seek, every day, to be one of the finest orthodontic practices in the country. 

Advances in orthodontic technology have dramatically reduced the amount of time a patient can expect to wear braces. "A correction that used to take three years can now be completed in a year and a half, or less," said Dr. Ehsani. 

More adults are taking advantage of the latest orthodontic technologies to improve their smiles and dental health, as well. "Our practice used to be about 25 percent adults, now it’s more than half," Dr. Ehsani said.   "As orthodontic care has become more affordable and convenient, adults can improve and re-gain their smiles in comfort."

Dr. Ehsani is especially aware of the concerns of first-time patients, and takes time to educate both children and adults on the benefits of orthodontic care in a relaxed and private setting. "When patients are able to envision the improvement in their smiles, they are more relaxed and ready to take advantage of the time saving and comfortable options available today."

Come in and experience why thousands of families have entrusted their orthodontic care to Dr. Ehsani and his wonderful, talented team!  

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