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Café Gratitude made the trip to San Diego, opening its doors in the heart of Little Italy in 2015. 

Rooted in their practice of Sacred Commerce, this restaurant isn’t just a place to grab a bite, but a space where you can come to feel empowered. Offering plant-based and farm-to-table organic eats, Café Gratitude also offers up their dishes in the form of affirmations. Instead of ordering a blackened tempeh wrap with coconut bacon and a Vitamin C power smoothie, you would order an “I Am Glorious” and “I Am Illuminated”. 

Cafe Gratitude Meal Plans

At the end of 2021, the company introduced ‘The Grateful Home’, a vegan, organic, pre-made meal plan. With a focus on fresh made dishes, without processed or imitation meats, customers can enjoy their favorite Café Gratitude dishes at home with zero prep.

The Meal Plan is designed to give a full day’s worth of delicious and filling meals. With home delivery of breakfast, lunch, and dinner or the option to add on snacks, it’s the perfect solution to get healthy without any of the headache. Featuring a rotating menu curated by Executive Chef Seizan Dreux Ellis, the program offers a three or six day option of pre-made meals, smoothies, juices and desserts.  

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Whether you’re already plant-based or just want a fresh start in the new year, look no further. Through February 6th, the Meal Plan is 30% off with code “MEALPLAN30”. Free delivery is offered in select areas and pickup is available.

Visit the Meal Plan homepage for more information, or stop by and enjoy a fulfilling meal at their café located at 1980 Kettner Boulevard in Little Italy.


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