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The pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors and others are still feeling the after-effects. But it’s not just businesses that have pivoted - so have their customers.  A Better Business Bureau Impact Report revealed that a new customer is emerging – one who is more aware and intentional about who gets their business. Now is the perfect opportunity for businesses to reemerge by elevating their brands in a way that will align with their customers’ values. To fit this need, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) is building on its mission to advance ethical marketplace behavior to also include providing conscious business support. 

BBB has always been there to provide consumers a reliable place for trustworthy information on businesses in their community - and will continue to do so. But today, they are so much more. BBB has transformed into a partner that proactively supports an ethical business community by providing resources and education from leading experts, a curriculum to improve business acumen and access to grants that support growth. They serve diverse business owners and entrepreneurs in every step of their business journey.

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(Credit BBB, Luke Amargo, Kimberly Roland, Jose Anca, Samatha Knecht) 

BBB thrives on helping good people do good things.

Matthew Fehling, President and CEO of BBB Pacific Southwest, has been at the forefront of this sea of change and the transformation to innovate and operate in more of a day-to-day support role.

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(Credit BBB, Matthew Fehling, BBB Pacific Southwest President/CEO)

“We want people to hear Better Business Bureau and think ‘help’ for good businesses, not just a torch sticker on their door or icon on their website,” said Fehling on Conscious Curiosity, a podcast that provides the backstory of successful San Diego leaders and their purpose-driven leadership.

“Our founding mission is to celebrate businesses who are doing the right thing, but we take it a step further to strengthen operational knowledge of these businesses so they don’t just survive, but thrive.”

Most recently, BBB hosted their Women’s Entrepreneur Summit to support a wide range of diverse, women business owners from Southern California and Arizona. More than 300 participants had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network and share experiences to empower one another.

Kara Goldin, founder and former CEO of Hint Water, provided a keynote speech on the struggles of being a woman business owner and encouraged the participants to persevere through adversity.

“Be willing to be humbled, ask questions and be challenged.  You won’t always have the experience you need to exceed - you may even fall flat on your face - but you have to figure out how to get over that wall. If you don’t, nothing is going to happen,” said Goldin.

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BBB is all about getting businesses over this metaphorical wall with educational summits, no interest business loans, grants to nonprofit organizations dedicated to their respective ecosystems, and awards for companies who are going above and beyond for the best interests of the business community.  By honoring these businesses, the bar is being set for how ethical operations can positively affect the local community. 

BBB Awards

(Credit Hoffman Photography, San Diego BBB Torch Award for Ethics 2021 winners; Nikki Green and Perry O'Neal Johnson, Liquid Blue; Cheryl Berkson, Chase Pacific Property Management & Real Estate Services; David Krakower, Mauzy Heating and Air; Melissa De Marco, FBS Property Management)

And even before the pandemic hit, BBB was already transforming into the community with ignite sparked by BBB coworking spaces.

Now, as businesses continue to transition to remote work, BBB is welcoming entrepreneurs into this coworking space. ignite sparked by BBB provides a modern meeting destination for collaboration and executive events and is open to independent workers, businesses and nonprofits.

The flexible and creative thinking workspace provides a network to learn about best business practices, ethical behavior and how to build stronger, more trustworthy relationships with customers. On June 16th,  ignite sparked by BBB will hold its grand opening ribbon-cutting in San Diego and start a new chapter in the continued quest to build community through business. 

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(Credit BBB, ignite sparked by BBB, San Diego)

With a forward focus on support and education, BBB continues to strengthen the network of ethically conscious businesses to gain the support and trust of consumers. 

Visit us at BBB.org or 4747 Viewridge Ave, #200, San Diego.

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