Are you looking to lose extra pounds, but nothing seems to work? Read on to find out the best fat burners on the market and attain your ideal weight now.

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If you have been trying to lose weight through diet and exercise without any effect, you might want to consider using a fat burner supplement. Most of these supplements contain natural ingredients that will help you burn your stored fat, increase your metabolism, and boost your energy. The combination of these effects gives maximum results, and you can reach your body goals much faster.

However, finding high-quality fat burner supplements on the market with so many to choose from is not an easy task. If you are ready to start your weight loss journey, keep reading as we have reviewed some of the best fat burners that you can find online, based on the ingredients, dosage, reviews, price and policies.

Top Brands For Fat Burning Supplements:

  1. PhenQ: Overall Best Fat Burner Supplement, Editor’s Pick

  2. Leanbean: Top Rated Women's Weight Loss Pills

  3. Instant Knockout: Weight Loss Supplements To Boost Metabolism

  4. Trimtone: Most popular Diet Pills With Natural Ingredients

  5. Prime Shred: Effective Bodybuilding Fat Loss Supplements 

  6. Clenbutrol: Recommended For Fast Weight Loss 

#1. PhenQ: Overall Best Fat Burner Supplement, Editor’s Pick

On the top of our list of best fat burner supplements that you can find on the market online is PhenQ. Although it is a relatively new product, PhenQ has already gained an excellent reputation on the market and has helped over 190,000 customers to reach their weight loss goal. 

Wolfson Berg Limited has implemented an effective formula that will help you suppress the production of fat and burn existing fat cells, will reduce your appetite and increase your energy level. Moreover, PhenQ is known as a supplement that improves your mood in order to keep your morale up during dieting.


Capsimax powder

This powder is a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin, all of which form thermogenic properties. The main goal of using this powder as an ingredient is to increase your body heat at a level of a cardio workout and increase your metabolism. Capsicum alone is an ingredient that is made from peppers, and it is known to help in reducing fat. Additionally, this ingredient has appetite-reducing properties as well. 

Chromium picolinate

Chromium picolinate is another essential nutrient that can be found in vegetables, whole grains and meat. This ingredient’s superpower is to control the blood sugar levels in your body. What this means is that once the sugar levels are balanced, your body will decrease the urge to eat more sugar and carbs, which is very efficient for weight loss processes.


Caffeine is often used in fat burner supplements and PhenQ is no excuse. This ingredient is not only consumed by people for more energy during the day; it is also proven to reduce fatigue and increase alertness. What is more, caffeine makes you less hungry during the day and induces thermogenesis. 


Nopal is a cactus that produces fibers. This ingredient is included in the formula as it helps you control hunger, and it contains amino acids that reduce the excess fluids of your body, making you feel less bloated.

L-carnitine fumarate

This ingredient is a natural acid that is found in meat, nuts and vegetables. What the L-carnitine fumarate does is that it helps you reduce tiredness while burning fat and improving your energy.

α-Lacys Reset

This formula is a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cysteine Base and Magnesium, which as a powerful combination assists the metabolism and increases thermogenesis which helps the body burn fat much faster.

Additional ingredients

Other helpful ingredients found in PhenQ are vitamin B3, piperine, calcium carbonate, and others.


There are many benefits of using PhenQ as a fat-burning supplement. This product can improve your mood and raise your energy levels, which is very important during the weight loss process. Additionally, because this product helps you reach the weight that you desire, it improves your confidence, and it makes weight loss less stressful.

What is great about this product is that it is made out of natural ingredients, and it doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to your body. It is suitable for both men and women and can be consumed by individuals that are on a vegan and vegetarian diet. 

However, PhenQ is not suitable for pregnant women and women that are breastfeeding, along with individuals who are under 18 years old. If you have any chronic illness, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using this product.


It is recommended to take one tablet during breakfast and another during lunch. With these tablets, you need to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly for even better results. Keep in mind that such products don’t work the same for every individual, and avoid doubling up the dosage.

Price and policies

You can find PhenQ on their official website for a price of $69.95 for one bottle. You can get three bottles for $169.90 and six bottles for $189.95. Moreover, PhenQ offers great deals and discounts as well as a money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping on all orders.


  • All-natural ingredients

  • No prescription required

  • Quick results

  • Money-back guarantee


  • It can be purchased only on the website

Customer experience

According to the reviews, many customers have quickly achieved their desired weight goals thanks to these effective products. Other users expressed that they are delighted with the natural ingredients and how transparent the brand is about the products they use and the results they provide.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PhenQ

#2. Leanbean: Top Rated Weight Loss Pills For Women


Next on our list is an organic weight loss supplement supplied by Ultimate Life Limited. This product is also one of the best natural appetite suppressants that empowers women to lose excess body and belly fat and achieve the body of their dreams much faster. In addition, Leanbean is the best thermogenic fat burner for women that will help you lose weight naturally and tone your stomach, thighs, and glutes.



This ingredient is a natural dietary fiber that helps you control food cravings and calorie intake, which is very significant for weight loss. This fat burner will fill up your stomach without bloating and will suppress your appetite.

Chromium picolinate

This fat burner ingredient is often found in dietary supplements, and it helps in controlling your blood glucose levels by reducing sugar cravings.


Choline is an essential nutrient that is vital for many bodily functions, including memory, heart health, liver function, muscle movement, metabolism, and others. 


An ingredient that contains curcumin has antioxidant properties, improves brain function, and lowers the risk of heart diseases.


This ingredient is a black pepper extract that works as a natural thermogenic and it heats the body from inside out while boosting the metabolism.

Additional ingredients

Aside from these vital ingredients, Leanbean consists of many other beneficial fat burner ingredients such as green coffee, Cambogia extract, vitamins B6 and B12, zink, and many others. 


By consuming Leanbean, women can experience many benefits regarding weight loss and body health as well. This product works as a natural appetite suppressant, meaning that it will reduce your midnight food cravings and desires for junk food. 

Additionally, Leanbean promotes metabolism for faster fat burning and it increases your energy throughout the day. What is more, this effective formula improves digestion and has antioxidant properties that are beneficial for the body. 


The recommended dosage by the brand is two capsules - three times a day. The dosage should be taken at least thirty minutes before a meal with water for better absorption.

Price and policy

You can get Leanbean one month’s supply for $59.99 on their website or get a supply for two months that costs $119.98. Additionally, you can get a bikini body bundle for $189.00, which is a great deal. What we really like about this brand is that they provide a free workout guide for home along with their product.

Correspondingly, if you are not satisfied with the results, there is a 90-days return policy and a free shipping option along with free delivery and an option to track your order.


  • Tailor-made for women

  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly

  • It helps you reduce appetite and feel more energized

  • All-organic supplement


  • A dosage of six capsules a day is needed

Customer experience

Judging by the reviews, this is an excellent fat burner product that provides quick results. Many women stated that their food cravings were reduced by using Leabean and they felt more energized, happier, and more confident in their bodies. Other customers expressed that they like that this product is not only effective in the long run but also made out of natural ingredients that are safe to consume.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Leanbean

#3. Instant Knockout: Weight Loss Supplements To Boost Metabolism

Instant Knockout

Another spot on our list of best fat burner supplements is Instant Knockout. This product was created by Roar Ambition Ltd and it was initially designed for MMA fighters but has been proven to effectively work for regular people as well. This fat burner is intended for men and contains natural ingredients that promote weight loss, muscle-building and metabolism boost.


Green tea extract

This is one of the main ingredients in Instant Knockout that works as an antioxidant. The green tea extract is also known to improve energy and brain function, along with its fat-burning properties.


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber sourced from the konjac plant that works as an appetite suppressant. This ingredient helps you reduce sugar and carb cravings that can affect your diet.

Cayenne pepper seeds

This pepper is another natural thermogenic. Its seeds increase your basal metabolic rate by allowing you to burn calories without expending your energy. 


This ingredient is a black pepper extract with thermogenic properties that promote body heating and effective fat burning.        

Vitamins B6 and B12

Vitamins are essential for our body health in numerous ways. Vitamin B6 is known to promote fat oxidation and to improve the body’s absorption of amino acids that allow muscle building. On the other hand, Vitamin B12 is an excellent energy and mood booster. Moreover, this vitamin has an influence on the metabolism and appetite as well.

Additional ingredients

Aside from these vital ingredients, Instant Knockout also consists of chromium, green coffee bean extract, zink, caffeine anhydrous, and others.  


It is safe to say that the Instant Knockout formula is designed to burn fat and increase the mental energy focus efficiently. Along with these benefits, Instant Knockout is expected to improve mood, enhance brain functions, help you build muscle mass, etc.


For maximum weight loss results, it is recommended to take an Instant Knockout capsule four times a day, preferably throughout the day. By maintaining four doses, you will extend the fat-burning process for a longer period. We also recommend that you set alarms to remind you when you need to take your daily dosage. Avoid consuming Instant Knockout before going to bed, as it contains a large amount of caffeine.

Price and policy

You can get this amazing product on their official website. The price for one bottle is $45, but you also get an additional 10% if you subscribe to them. Correspondingly, you can buy two bottles for the price of $90 or get three bottles, and one free bottle for $135. 

Citizens in the US and the UK will get free shipping if they order two or more bottles, while customers from other countries have a free shipping option if they buy four bottles. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the results, there is a 90-days money-back guarantee. 


  • Made out of natural ingredients

  • Improves energy levels and boosts metabolism

  • Supported by pro athletes

  • Promotes muscle growth


  • You will need a reminder to take four pills a day

Customer experience

There is an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding Instant Knockout. Many users expressed that this effective formula has helped them lose weight, define muscles, and tone the body. We also noticed many positive reviews from professional athletes and fitness trainers, which says a lot about this product’s effectiveness.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Instant Knockout

#4. Trimtone: Most popular Diet Pills With Natural Ingredients


Trimtone is another effective fat burner supplement that is designed for women. What makes this product one of the best fat burner supplements is that it consists of ingredients that are scientifically backed and its formula is created by taking the women’s body in mind. According to the brand, the combination of the ingredients that they use will provide you maximum effects.


Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is a common ingredient that is part of weight loss supplements. It is known for increasing metabolism and the number of calories that are going to get burned. An important thing to consider is the amount of caffeine in the product. Trimtone contains 120 mg caffeine which is reasonable for a product that is intended for women. Additionally, its caffeine will give you an energy boost throughout the day.          

Green coffee extract

This ingredient contains chlorogenic acid, which is frequently linked with fat burner supplements. Green coffee also reduces appetite, which is vital for the weight loss journey, and it lowers insulin levels. 

Green tea extract

Green tea is also a well-known ingredient that increases a person’s metabolism. Moreover, Green tea consists of many antioxidants that influence the hormones, which then break the fat. 

Grains of paradise

This herb is not often found in such supplements, but it is very effective. The herb comes from the ginger family, and it provides thermogenesis effects. Additionally, The grains of paradise stimulate the brown adipose tissue, which keeps the body warm by actively burning white adipose tissue.


This natural ingredient successfully suppresses your appetite by expanding slightly in your stomach and giving you the feeling of fullness. It is also effective when it comes to reducing daily calorie intake.


Aside from the fat-burning benefits that this product provides, there are other benefits that you can enjoy, thankfully to Trimtone’s effective formula. Trimtone contains caffeine that will increase your energy throughout the day and help you stay focused and motivated to do a workout and do your daily tasks as well.

In addition, the green tea extract that you can find in this product improves heart and brain health and liver function. Similarly, the grains of paradise have antimicrobial properties and are known to heal wounds, support healthy digestion, and reduce inflammation. 


The recommended dosage for Trimtone is one capsule daily before breakfast. The capsule needs to be taken with water and for better absorption. The key to success also depends on how often you take the capsules. For better results, it is suggested to consume such capsules daily, as weight loss happens through consistency.

If you want to speed up the process, you can also implement a healthier diet and consume more fruit, vegetables, and cleaner protein sources like fish and chicken. Moreover, daily exercising will not only speed up the fat-burning process but also help you build muscles. Another positive thing is that through exercising, endorphins are released and your mood will be instantly lifted. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol as it can slow the fat-burning process.

Price and policy

You can get a one-month supply for $49.99, for which you will need to pay a shipping cost of $4.95. In addition, you can get two months supply and receive one month free supply for $99.99, or buy a three-month supply and get two months supply for free along with free shipping. What is more, Trimtone offers a 100 days money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product. 


  • Specifically made for women lifestyles

  • Made out of natural ingredients

  • Quick effects 

  • Beautifully-designed packaging


  • One capsule might not be enough to provide the proper serving of ingredients

Customer experience

By reading the reviews, we noticed that Trimtone is one of the most popular fat burner supplements among women. Many customers shared their positive experiences, and they were extremely satisfied with the natural ingredients and the quick effects they received. Other women expressed that this product has helped them achieve their desired body while being more energized than ever. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Trimtone

#5. Prime Shred: Effective Bodybuilding Fat Loss Supplements

Prime Shred

Next on our list is the UK-made fat burning capsule which increases your metabolism, energy levels and thermogenesis. Prime Shred is known as a very potent product that is used for fat burning, but it doesn’t rinse muscle mass, which is very important.

This fat burner makes your body lose weight by implementing three phases. The first phase is that it speeds your metabolic rate and promotes thermogenesis. In the second phase, it activates the hormones responsible for burning fat, and lastly, it raises your energy levels making you more alert.


Green tea extract

One of the main ingredients that are in Prime Shred is green tea extract. This extract has antioxidant properties and provides the body with caffeine. Additionally, green tea extract assists in fat reduction by helping the fat-burning hormones to do their work.

L- tyrosine and L-theanine

This ingredient enhances your focus and concentration which is extremely important during stressful situations and challenging workouts. L-theanine is a natural compound found in green tea that is responsible for reducing the amount of fat and carbs in your body while eating.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

This is also one of the most essential ingredients that you can find in Prime Shred. The Rhodiola Rosea Root improves mood levels and reduces stress as well as fatigue. Moreover, it ensures the muscles get the energy they need, and it releases an enzyme that helps the body break down fat.

Additional ingredients

Other helpful ingredients that can be found in the fat burner supplement is Bioperine, Vitamin B complex, DMAE, Cayenne pepper, caffeine anhydrous, and green coffee.


All of these ingredients that Prime Shred consists of are working together to transform your body and make it ripped and muscled. This fat burner will help you shred muscle fat while increasing your mental capacity, which is a very significant push for keeping up with taking supplements, dieting, and working out. 

What distinguishes Prime Shred from other fat burners is that it can get you into shape whenever you like, no matter if you are going to an event, to the beach, or you simply want to reach your body goal. We all know that burning the last few pounds is very difficult, but Prime Shred is known to assist you in burning any excess fat that is taunting you. 


The team behind Prime Shred also made sure to include dosage instructions on the packaging, which shows that they take their customers very seriously. It is recommended to take three supplements a day, one around twenty minutes before breakfast. You can take these supplements during training and rest days, but don’t take them before bed as they contain a high concentration of caffeine.

Price and policies

You can order Prime Shred from their official website and buy one bottle, which costs $39.99 with a $7.95 shipping cost or get two bottles and get one free. This option is available for $79.99 and free shipping option. Additionally, you can get three bottles and receive one for free for the price of $119.99 and free shipping. Prime Shred also provides a 100-days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.  


  • It burns the entire body fat

  • It increases energy and focus

  • It supports metabolism

  • A 100% natural formula


  • Some people might find it expensive

Customer experience

Most of the reviews that we found about Prime Shred stated that it is very helpful and provides a quick effect. It is recommended by fitness trainers and people who regularly work out as a supplement that helps burn fat while toning your body. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PrimeShred

#6. Clenbutrol: Recommended For Fast Weight Loss


Clenbutrol secures another spot on our list of best fat burners that you can find on the market. This dietary supplement works as a fat burner and works naturally on your body. What is great about Clenbutrol is that it consists of scientifically tested ingredients that are proven to be effective and good for your health. 


Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is known as an antioxidant vitamin that enhances the immune system, and it helps the body to recover faster.

Garcinia Cambogia

This ingredient is often found in fat-burning supplements. The reason for that is that it assists in losing fat faster, and increases the metabolic rate simultaneously.

Bitter Orange extract

This extract that can be found in Clenbutrol reduces cholesterol levels and maintains cardiac health, leaving the body healthy and active.

Guarana extract

This herbal substance is very high in caffeine which means that it will provide your body with the necessary energy throughout the day. Moreover, this extract maintains cardiac health, which is very important, and it has anti-aging properties.

Additional ingredients

Other ingredients found in Clenbutrol include Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Stearate, Silica, etc.


Clenbutrol is a fat burner that is popular among customers and it is frequently used by professional bodybuilders. This fat burner promotes rapid weight loss by decreasing fat production and promotes fast recovery of muscles and joints. Additionally, Clenbutrol works as a fat burner and as an energy booster. Users who take these capsules express that they feel more productive and they manage to maintain the muscle mass as well.


The manufacturers of Clenbutrol recommended a dosage of three capsules before a workout. They also state that if taken correctly, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. For even better results, you need to follow a proper diet and exercise regularly. However, this supplement is not recommended for pregnant women and minors. If you have a medical-precondition, you should consult a doctor before taking this fat burner.

Price and policies

This powerful fat burner is available on their official page. You can get a single bottle for $61.99 or get a bulk of two bottles and get one free for a price of $123.98. The company also provides free worldwide shipping, fast delivery, and a 14 days money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.


  • Fast weight loss

  • It protects muscles and joins

  • Made out of natural ingredients

  • It promotes energy for easier training


  • Only 14 days money-back guarantee 

Customer experience

Their customers are extremely satisfied with the quick effects that they noticed upon using Clenbutrol. Many users expressed that they like the fact that this burner helps them get rid of the excess fat but still gain muscle mass. Other customers stated that they like that the product is also good for their health and the brand is very informative about the fat burners they provide.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Clenbutrol

What to look for when searching for the best fat burner supplements?

Finding the fat burner that will work the best for you is not an easy process. Therefore there are several main factors that you need to take into consideration before buying.

  • Ingredients

One of the most vital factors to take into consideration is to look at the ingredients. Since these products promote weight loss, boost your metabolism, improve energy and your mood, they have to be of great quality in order to give you the desired effects.

We recommend that you search for products made out of natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to promote healthy weight loss. Additionally, before you consume any fat burner supplement, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Moreover, if you take any medications, consult a doctor to see whether the product is safe for you to consume. Take the best metabolism boosters which have the needed ingredients to keep you energetic all the time.

  • Safety and quality

To receive quick and effective results, you need to make sure that the product that you selected is made out of natural ingredients that are safe to consume. For this reason, be on the lookout for products that contain chemicals and artificial ingredients along with banned ingredients. Also, buy from brands that are transparent about the products that they sell. If the product is approved in FDA-approved facilities and is tested for quality and safety, it is a great plus. 

  • Customer reviews

The feedback from other customers can give you great feedback about what you need to expect from the weight loss supplement that you want to buy. By reading the reviews, you can find out more about other people’s experiences and whether the product is effective, and if there are any unnecessary side effects. Make sure to look for reviews at several reliable sources before making a decision.

  • Advertised benefits

Another significant factor to take into consideration is the advertised benefits. What this means is that you need to look for fat burners that provide the benefits that you are seeking, such as losing fat, suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, increased mood and energy, etc.

However, you need to be aware of how realistic the claims for the product are. If a brand promotes a product that will give you instant results, it is a sign that the product probably doesn’t work as efficiently without any healthier meal plans and daily exercises.

FAQs Regarding Fat Loss Supplements

Q1. Are natural fat burners safe to consume?

The fat burners serve as a safe alternative to prescriptions about weight loss. These products are made out of ingredients that are healthy for your body and which help other bodily functions as well. If you follow the instructions with proper dosage and if you are sure that the ingredients are safe for you to consume, it is very unlikely that you will get any side effects. Use the best appetite suppressants to control your appetite naturally.

Q2. How do fat burners work?

The way this fat burner supplement works is that it consists of a mix of ingredients that give you the best results when combined together. The fat burners consist of stimulants that help you stay energized throughout the day, appetite suppressants that fight food cravings, and dietary fibers which promote healthy digestion and regulate bowel movements.

Q3. How fast can I lose weight with thermogenic supplements?

The results can vary for many different reasons, but most brands claim that you need to expect maximum results in 90-180 days. To fasten the process, you can combine the supplements with diet and exercises, and if you are on the right track, you will notice results within two or three weeks. We also suggest that you take pictures or write measurements each week to see if there is any progress so far. 

Q4. Who should use a fat burner?

Fat burner pills can be used by anyone who seeks to lose weight or get back in shape. It is recommended that you have at least 28 years old to use such products as if you are young your body is still growing. Men and women can also use fat burners, but some are specifically designed to work for men or women accordingly. Avoid using fat burners if you are pregnant or have an existing medical condition without approval from a doctor. 

Final Words: How To Lose Weight Fast

In the final analysis, we can conclude that fat burners are becoming more and more popular because of their effectiveness and the results that they provide. If you are looking for a fat burner that will make your weight loss journey the best possible, do not forget to check our list.

The fat burners that we reviewed are positively reviewed for their quality and effectiveness by customers and professionals worldwide, so make sure to check them and get the body of your dreams as soon as possible.

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