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Before we lay out our top picks for the 17 best natural shampoos for men in 2022, let's first discuss why the switch to a natural shampoo is the best move for you. Here’s the thing: When we know better, we should do better, and that applies to what we consume in and on our bodies every day. With the technology we have today, manufacturers are able to create shampoos (as well as other grooming products) that are just as effective as the products you know and love, without all of the added harsh chemicals and ingredients. 

Chemicals not only can cause potential skin irritation but they also get absorbed through our pores and can contribute to health complications. They also are so harsh that, over time, they may break down the protein in your hair or reduce the size of your hair follicles, causing way more damage than the benefits they claim to provide.

Natural shampoos use essential oils, plant extracts and other natural ingredients to provide your hair all of the healthy nourishment that it needs. Natural shampoos have gentle formulas that will keep your skin just as happy as your hair and are far less likely to cause an allergic reaction.  Another benefit is that natural shampoos are not as harmful to the environment, and oftentimes, natural shampoo manufacturers will also use recyclable bottles to further the good they are doing. 

Understandably, it can be worrisome taking the leap into natural products, unsure of their effectiveness or ability to live up to your current favorites. However, we know that once you do, you will ultimately be thrilled with the outcome. To get you started, we have compiled the 17 best natural shampoos for men. Included in this list are products that we know you’ll love, and we also know will give you your best hair days, every day. Now, not all hair types are alike, so make sure to read through the descriptions and pick out a shampoo that aligns with your needs. If it's not a perfect fit, don’t give up; try more until you find the perfect option for you. Now let’s dive in!

1.  Blu Atlas Shampoo

Blu Atlas.jpg


There was absolutely no way that we were not positioning Blu Atlas Shampoo at the very top of our list of the 17 best natural shampoos for men. This shampoo, and the brand in general, blow any other men’s grooming products out of the water. If you’ve found your way to this article, it means taking care of yourself is a high priority for you, and that is something to be proud of.  

We can honestly say that if you start using Blu Atlas products, you will never need to search for a new grooming brand again. Blu Atlas is a premium grooming brand created for the modern man. They create affordable products without sacrificing luxury. Their collection includes everything you need: haircare, skincare, body care and fragrances.  

Blu Atlas fully understands that men want to care for their bodies and skin the same way women do, so they created a product collection to help them do just that. Men have specific needs that may be different from the needs of women, so why should we use the same brands? The truth is that some variation in branding can help suit our needs better, and Blu Atlas understands that.  

The Blu Atlas Shampoo has a sulfate-free formula that is 100% vegan and only contains healthy and helpful ingredients. A benefit to finding a high-quality shampoo is that you can trust they don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Blu Atlas Shampoo contains jojoba oil, a source of Vitamin E, A and D. Jojoba oil also is rich in beneficial antioxidants and fatty acids, all of which bring a huge boost of nourishment to your strands. 

The inclusion of aloe barbadensis leaf works to provide a natural source of moisture, and sodium methyl cocoyl taurate is what creates a creamy and luxurious lather when you massage their shampoo into your scalp. With everyday use, you will find that your hair is stronger, healthier and shinier than you could've ever imagined, free from buildup and grime.  

Here’s the best part. Blu Atlas is loyal to their customer base and hopeful that you will benefit from each of their products in the collection, so they created their very own subscribe-and-save program. If you choose to subscribe to it, you will receive 20% off retail pricing as well as a package containing all of your favorite products long before you use the last drops of your current stock. We all live busy lifestyles, so not having to worry about reordering is a giant perk that Blu Atlas provides.

2. Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo



Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo stands out to all who use it due to its signature scent that will have you feeling like you’re at a spa each time you massage it into your scalp.  The fragrance profile combines peppermint and tea tree oils. The fragrance isn’t the only reason you should purchase this shampoo, though. It is a strengthening shampoo that will have you wondering why you haven’t used it all along. 

The goal of this shampoo is to promote hair growth while reducing scalp irritation, and hydrolyzed wheat protein is the main ingredient that increases the thickness of each strand and strengthens the strand structure. Especially useful for those who have noticed hair thinning, Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo will give you fuller hair that smells fresh and clean.

3.  Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo

Maple Holistics.png


Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that will rid your hair of impurities and buildup. It infuses all of the moisture your strands need through quality botanical extracts. Your hair will be nourished and healthy, and your scalp will be squeaky clean. If you have oily hair, Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo is a wonderful option for you to use every day; it will strip away any excess oils you have while replenishing any hydration you may be lacking. 

This shampoo is free from parabens, phthalates, alcohol, synthetic fragrances or colors, silicones and any other harmful ingredient. The essential oil blend of sage, spikenard and rosemary all work together to clarify your strands and scalp. Jojoba and peach kernel oils give fine, dry and thin hair the volume and clarity that it deserves.

4.  Every Man Jack 2-in-1 Daily Shampoo and Conditioner (Sandalwood)

Every Man Jack.png


The Every Man Jack brand is naturally derived and outdoor-inspired. The creators have spent years rethinking men’s grooming care from the ground up, which is one of the many reasons it’s a favorite of millions of men. The fragrances used in each of their products are inspired by nature, and the ingredients used are clean, safe for skin, and naturally derived, with no harsh chemicals included. Created in a garage back in 2008, the founder, Ritch Viola, found that men's grooming products were either too expensive or had far too many harsh chemicals included (or even worse—a combination of the two). Ritch started Every Man Jack and partnered with Target to launch a brand that used as many naturally derived ingredients as they could. Their 2-in-1 Daily Shampoo and Conditioner in Sandalwood scent is the one product you need to simplify your routine. 

This duo will cleanse and moisturize your hair from root to tip. The formula includes coconut-derived surfactants that will cleanse your strands along with glycerin and shea butter to soften and condition your hair. The formula is 96% plant-derived and vegan, as well as produced in bottles that are made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.  Sandalwood is the top fragrance for good reason, and if you fall in love with it, couple it with the Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash.

5. Jason Thin to Thick Shampoo



Thinning hair is becoming increasingly more common, and luckily, there are tons of brands on the market creating products to help. Jason Thin to Thick Shampoo has hair strengthening proteins and vitamins that will give your hair weightless volume and will help add body to your limp hair. The fresh, minty fragrance will alert your senses and invigorate your scalp. The clean formula ensures your hair receives everything it needs to promote growth and strengthen your hair, and it is free of irritants or damaging ingredients.  

6. Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Shampoo



Dr. Squatch wants to help you stay clean while you get dirty and will take you back to your roots through their natural shampoo formula. This brand has officially raised the bar on men’s grooming products through their natural ingredient formulas. It got started when the founder Jack started his own natural soap company out of his garage. 

After realizing there were plenty of other men looking for better, natural products as well, he expanded the Dr. Squatch brand to include all of the products it offers today. Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Shampoo blends together jojoba oil, oat protein, and honey to protect and replenish your hair.

7. John Masters Organics Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

John Masters Organics.png


The spearmint leaf oil and meadowsweet flower extracts in this shampoo will make your scalp come alive from the second you apply it. John Masters Organics Scalp Stimulating Shampoo works to stimulate and refresh your scalp and will eliminate unnecessary oil while also conditioning your hair. 

The detoxifying blend will regulate your sebum production to keep you from getting oily hair mere hours after cleansing. You can expect your hair to be stronger and more radiant with regular use of this shampoo.  

8.  Modern Mammals Minimal Rinse

Modern Mammals.png


Modern Mammals Minimal Rinse is easily the most unique product on this list but could be the secret ticket to bringing life back to your hair. They have created a low-maintenance product that will preserve the natural moisture and balance in your hair. 

The formula is slightly different from your typical shampoo. In fact, instead of calling it a shampoo, Modern Mammals has created a Minimal Rinse. It is free of fragrance and won’t produce suds as you massage it in, but your hair will be returned to its healthiest state with regular use.  

9. Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo

Jack Black.png


The Jack Black brand team might be small, but they are mighty in terms of their entrepreneurial spirit. Over 20 years ago, their team set out to create a men's grooming line that was luxurious, efficacious and addressed the needs of the modern man. While their products are not complicated, they are far superior to other competing brands, which is why they have been voted the #1 Best Selling Men’s Skincare Brand. It could be because their products follow through on their claims but is also because they listen to what their customers want (and don’t want) and create accordingly. 

Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo is a sulfate-free formula that will remove dirt, product buildup and oils to leave your hair looking and feeling healthier. The bodybuilding blend of botanicals uses Jack Black’s Expansion Technology to help your hair follicles look healthier and fuller, thus giving the appearance of thicker hair. Creatine adds strength and volume while white lupine protein helps to maintain a healthy scalp.  

Lavender deodorizes and soothes while sage leaf extract cleanses. Sunflower seed oil is the perfect addition to replenish hydration and soothe your skin. Your hair will be left clean, and your scalp will be itch free, which is why we know you will absolutely fall in love with this shampoo.

10. Huron the Hair Duo Shampoo and Conditioner



Huron was founded after a former athlete realized that he spent way too many years of his life not paying attention to the needs of his hair and skin. After years of neglect, he realized that he needed to change his ways and get his grooming habits back in line. Due to the fact that the founder knows firsthand how easy it is for men to brush off the act of caring for themselves, he created a brand that will help men get their confidence back as they look into the mirror. 

The Huron brand has every product you might need, including hair care, body care, face care and more. Their shampoo is one of their most popular products, and after one use, you will surely see why. The Huron the Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Duo contains all of the nutrients that your hair needs to look its best. The nourishing oils and vitamins will give you fuller hair, stronger hair and the shiniest hair in the room. 

The fragrance profile includes citrus, juniper and aromatic greens coupled with a clean and cooling menthol effect that will leave you feeling refreshed after every shower. Since we should all be committed to leaving the earth a better place than we found it, Huron is doing their part by producing their shampoo in 100% recyclable bottles.

11. Oars + Alps Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Oars + Alps.jpg


Oars + Alps is a brand that believes you can get easy skincare, naturally. Through their products, Oars + Alps allows you to create a skincare regimen that works for you, rather than you working for it. Through powerful and natural ingredients, each of their products promises to deliver powerful, natural results. 

They also promise to leave any of the harmful or nasty stuff where it belongs (in the dust). You won’t be bogged down reading fine print with Oars + Alps products. However, what you will find are reasonably priced, powerful products that are simple to use. Each product in their collection has been engineered, tested and re-engineered to ensure that you are receiving the best of the best, every time. 

What is interesting about this brand is that it was started by two women, each of which are married to ultimate outdoorsmen. After becoming well versed in what sun, sweat, pollution and wind can do to a man’s skin, they set out to find grooming products that would actually work for their husbands after a long day outside. 

After finding that most brands on the market were either too expensive, or jam packed with chemicals, they decided to take matters into their own hands, ultimately creating the Oars + Alps brand. They quickly succeeded, producing a brand that is simple, natural and at a reasonable price point.  

Oars + Alps Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner work in tandem to be incredibly moisturizing and nourishing for your hair. Both include kelp and algae extracts that are powerful ingredients that penetrate your hair and infuse moisture and nutrients, leaving your strands healthier than ever. The grapeseed and olive extracts were included in the conditioner to leave lasting strength and shine long throughout your day. The fragrance profile of this duo is a fresh ocean scent with notes of crisp water that are ultra-refreshing and cool.

12. Everyone Nourish Shampoo



The name of this shampoo says it all: It is a highly nourishing shampoo that will provide all of the ingredients that your hair has been longing for. It blends creamy coconut with tangy lemon to create a refreshing tropical fragrance. 

Due to its natural makeup, the fragrance is derived from pure essential oils, not fake synthetic fragrances. This nourishing shampoo will remove impurities and oils but won’t strip or dry out your strands. It has a vegan cruelty-free formula that is free from parabens, sulfates, perfumes or dyes. 

13.  Prose Custom Shampoo



Prose is in a league of their own as they have created a completely new standard in beauty and grooming. The creators of Prose were turned off by the way that mass haircare is designed for everyone without regard to their specific hair needs. This means that the products on the shelves of mass merchandisers are created for anyone to use, when realistically if you want your hair to be the healthiest, you need to find a shampoo for your specific hair type. 

Those with tightly coiled hair should not be using the same products as those with color-treated straight hair. Prose makes custom haircare a reality by designing products with individuals in mind. Their company stands behind the desire to deliver extraordinary care for each of their customers. 

Another benefit to the Prose brand is that they know progress is an evolving process, meaning they continually update their products with new complexes and ingredients, as well as seasonally adjusting formulas to fit the season your zip code is in. Each of their formulas is natural and high-performing, created by chemists who masterfully combine natural ingredients in innovative ways.  

To find your perfect formula, Prose will walk you through a quiz to determine what your hair needs. If quizzes aren’t your thing, don’t worry; just send a few pictures to their specialists, and they will do the rest. You will be left with a shampoo that will be exactly what your hair needs. If your scalp needs cleansing, Shikakai Extract will be included. If you need volume and moisture, you’ll find honey and pro-vitamin B5 in your blend. All in all, this is one of the most impressive shampoos on our list of the 17 best natural shampoos for men.

14. Public Goods Shampoo

Public Goods.png

A news flash courtesy of Public Goods: You don’t need to be a superhero to save the planet.  What an awesome thought, although somewhat overwhelming. However, Public Goods is a brand that is here to help us turn small choices into big impacts. Each of their products is simple and minimalist in both design and ingredients. They have developed a membership model that allows them to produce high-quality products with a low price tag. 

Public Goods realizes that some of our largest battles are a result of the products we choose to consume. Therefore, they have made it their mission to make healthier and more informed choices easier and accessible to each of us. Public Goods runs the gamut in sustainable, healthy essentials that you can trust. They have everything from household cleaners, groceries and wine to pet products, CBD and personal care products. 

Let’s take a look at their shampoo. Public Goods has created a very gentle formula that is free from harsh detergents and chemicals. This shampoo will help strengthen your hair to give it a radiance and shine that will have everyone wondering what products you use. 

The essential oils used in this shampoo are geranium, cinnamon, orange, nutmeg, mandarin, petitgrain, celery seed, rosewood, grapefruit and vetiver. All of those essential oils work together to provide nourishment to hair and give you a fragrance that is bright, fresh and fruity. The shampoo bottle is true to the minimalist style of Public Goods and will be the perfect addition to your shower shelf.  

15. Byrd Purifying Shampoo



The Byrd Brand was inspired by the “gentleman surfer” and will transport you back to the era of the classic ‘60s surf culture, a time when grooming was an essential part of a man’s daily routine. The creator of Byrd grew up in Newport Beach, California, spending his days surfing.  

This has given him the base knowledge that sun, salt and surf are three of the key ingredients for healthy hair and skin, so that is why Byrd uses them in their products. As he began his journey starting the Byrd brand, he found out that his great grandfather owned and operated a barbershop, so hair care and grooming is ingrained into Byrd’s DNA.

The fragrance of Byrd Purifying Shampoo will take you on a trip to a day at the beach, it combines notes of salt and coconut that will instantly relax your senses. It is a sulfate-free, gentle purifying shampoo that can be used daily. Sea kelp, green tea, vegetable-derived glycerin and aloe vera provide all of the moisture and nourishment your hair needs while also protecting your strands from UV rays and environmental pollution. Sea salt is included to give your hair that desirable beachy texture and added volume. Vitamin B5 and red algae work to prevent breakage.

16. ArtNaturals Argan Oil and Aloe Shampoo

Argan Oil + Aloe.png


If shiny hair is what you’re after, then look no further than ArtNaturals Argan Oil and Aloe Shampoo. The infusion of Moroccan argan oil into your strands will give you a shine that you have craved and desired. Say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair and enjoy silky, soft hair that is manageable and healthy. ArtNaturals Argan Oil and Aloe Shampoo will alleviate dry, flaky scalps, as well as dandruff, flyaways and split ends. 

This formula is perfect for damaged or overprocessed hair and will restore your hair health after only a few uses. You will feel like you’ve just gotten out of the salon after cleansing your hair with this shampoo, and your hair will reap the benefits long after you finish your morning routine.   

17. Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo

Avalon Organics.png


Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo is EWG Verified, which means it has met the Environmental Working Group’s ultrastrict criteria for transparency, ingredients and health. That is exactly why it deserves a spot on this list of the 17 best natural shampoos for men. The formula blends together biotin, saw palmetto, quinoa protein and vitamin E, all ingredients that benefit your scalp and hair. 

This pH-balanced blend will build body for your fine or thinning hair, strengthen your strands and nourish and cleanse your hair from your scalp to your ends.  Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo will energize your scalp to support growth of thicker and fuller hair.  

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