Fall Crops - Cauliflower

As summer begins to wane, it’s time to introduce some cool-season plantings into our garden beds. We’re sharing three fall crops to plant, and some pointers to help you reap what you sow well into the spring.


Purple, orange, white, green. Cauliflower comes in many shades, and most of them prefer being planted in deep soil amended with organic matter. If you have the patience, wait to plant your transplants until early October. If you want to start from seeds, begin growing those in containers about four to five weeks before planting. Space your starters 18 to 20 inches apart and in full sunlight. Be sure not to bury the first set of leaves. Water daily until it's time for harvest, which can be up to 80 days.

Fall crops - carrots


September is a prime time to introduce carrots to your edibles, ideally in the sunniest area and with loose, well-worked soil. Start them from seed and plant them in rows at least one foot apart. Cover with no more than a half inch of soil. Since carrot seeds are tiny, mix them with sand or cornmeal to avoid overplanting. Then, practice patience as the seeds germinate and keep the soil moist during this period. Thin the carrot tops once they’re one to two inches tall to keep the plants two inches apart. Consistent water is crucial for good growth and color. Harvest times range from 70 to 90 days.

Fall crops - kohlrabi


So you want a funky grower in your garden? A cultivar of wild cabbage, kohlrabi is an edible bulb produced on a stem above the ground. Plant them from seed and in rows that will receive full sun, two seeds per inch, planted a quarter-inch deep. Space your rows at least 18 inches apart—these veggies need room to grow. For faster germination, cover the  seeds with sand or compost. Keep the soil consistently moist until harvest time, which can range from 45 to 70 days.

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