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An "urban creative," or a bushy-haired VANS-wearer

The HIVE (East Village), every other Friday for a Jelly! work-together

Free Wi-Fi and shared meeting spaces. Mingling optional.

@jellysandiego or patrick@mokolabs.com or workatjelly.com

The web professional (programmer or graphic designer) looking for like-minded deskfellows

Digital Telepathy in Banker’s Hill

Free Wi-Fi and use of desks and tables at this user experience design company that’s a business first.

Pre-arrange your visit by e-mailing contact@digital-telepathy.com; these colleagues are like the relatives you can’t spontaneously drop in on to say "hi." dtelepathy.com.

The not-completely-starving artist

ArtLab Studios in Normal Heights

For $25/month, members enjoy open studio space, Wi-Fi, opportunities to exhibit work, and 15% off Ego Id Media and Visual Art Supplies. 

Register by calling 619-283-1199 x115 or contacting: info@artlabonadams.com. And if you just want to meet some artists, well, ArtLab needs volunteers. artlabonadams.com.

The work-at-home professional who wants to pick some brains

Kohwork’n in San Marcos, every Thursday for Jelly!

For a free cowork session, attend the Jelly. There, kohwork’rs can meet a weekly featured business expert. They also have couches. Bonus!

RSVP using the link in the "Jelly!" calendar listing on kohworkn.com. Otherwise, day passes and rental spaces at Kohwork’n start at $20/day.

Female-only: freelancers, indie consultants, authors, entrepreneurs, and "solopreneurs"

Hera Hub, north of the merge but in Sorrento Valley as of mid-August

Fact: San Diego ranks fifth nationally for women-owned businesses. 81% of female-founded companies have zero employees.

At this "café-like" work and meeting space "with a spa atmosphere," bask in free Wi-Fi, coffee and tea, faxing, printing, conference- calling, and parking.

Coworking is free until Hera’s move to Sorrento Valley, where they will offer flexible pricing plans. Community members get access to meeting rooms, a research library, and special events. herahub.com.

Start-up businesspeeps and professionals ready to network

Co-Merge, on A Street downtown

The focus is on collaboration at this former bank building with video conference rooms, a kitchen with flat-screen TV, and a vault for keeping your papers, plus copiers, scanners, printers, and office supplies.

Opening this month! Drop in for $10/hour (parking included) or opt in for $500/month membership. Co-merge.com


Attend an "Unconference": Say what? BarCamp San Diego is a semi-annual weekend meet-up for tech geeks. On August 20th at Intuit’s Carmel Valley campus, a blank meeting schedule will be posted and attendees with ideas to share can fill it in. Lecture topics can be anything. Follow @barcampsd or visit barcampsd.org for news on this "unconference." Or don’t.

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