Sustainable Fashion Has Officially Landed in Del Mar

Even the price tags are sustainable.

"When you’re done burning the candle, you can grow wildflowers out of the ceramic, see? You plant the tag. It’s seed paper," explains Audrey Latsko, handling a soy candle in her shop, Ineffably, tucked in Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade.

"The name means incapable of expressing something in words, je ne sais quoi, things like that."

The boutique is tricked out in organic threads and ethically made goods by high-end designers—handbags by L’Fina; duds from Where Mountains Meet; Jenni Earle bandanas; Tio y Tia hats.

On a personal level, it’s a culmination of Latsko’s sustainable lifestyle. After retiring as a professional athlete, she cut meat from her diet for health reasons and ultimately came to learn more about its effect on the planet—and how other lifestyle choices, even fashion, have alternatives. "Bringing sustainable, organic things to a brick and mortar, if I get people to change one habit, it’s good."

What that also means for shoppers is higher price points for brands meant to withstand a lifetime of wear. Local makers include The Modern Mamahood cosmetics, Little Italy artist Stefanie Bales, and Latsko herself, who creates scrunchies from waste fabric.

"I’m trying to teach people that one small choice can affect a lot of your other choices and the world," she says. "Let’s make a difference"... and look good doing it!

2650 Via de la Valle, Del Mar shopineffably

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