San Diego Room Revamps You Must See

An Earthy Bedroom

"This bedroom wouldn’t exist without the Robert Crowder wallpaper. The handmade marbling of the ocean blue tones and copper are a perfect foreground to our client’s ocean view. An old tried-and-true technique is to use complementary colors; we used many shades of blue and popped in some rusty orange. We balanced the pop by designing a custom headboard wall of walnut crotch wood, which I designed a walk-in closet behind. I love how all the furniture is harmonized together in scale and shape. The Mongolian hide chair adds whimsy, and the Serge Mouille sconces create a moody layer of light. We captured the cool California feel with sophistication while still paying tribute to Mother Earth." —Kelly Hinchman, Design Principal, Studio H Design


San Diego Room Revamps You Must See

A Bright Bathroom

"This master bath is functional and beautiful at the same time. Every client feels they will never have enough storage, though they always tend to have more than they need in the end. The closet in the bathroom was a challenge, considering we didn’t want to have a lot of doors intruding into the space and needed to disguise the clothing. Automatic roller shades on the frames, with automatic lighting effects when open, solved that problem. The natural light with the mirrors floating over the windows is another wonderful effect. Hidden roller shades behind the cabinet provide privacy, but during the day there is a big green view of trees, creating a nice connection to the outside. To achieve a similar style and mood in your own space, opt for natural stones that vary in scale and pattern, and keep lighting top of mind to keep the bathroom—and your reflection—looking bright and fresh." —Kellie McCormick, Principal, McCormick & Wright


San Diego Room Revamps You Must See

A Colorful Kitchen

"We designed this kitchen around a custom mosaic by artist Eleanor Murphey. The trim tile in handmade terracotta and the hood were tailored to fit and coordinate with Eleanor’s design. We also found an arched pair of vintage doors to incorporate into the room. Having a bold base color was a must-have element for the client. I always tell clients, if you love something, be it a tile or color, don’t worry if it follows the current trend or not—the only trendy elements here are the painted white cabinets and Shaker-style doors. Try to use handmade or natural materials over factory-made. When something is well made and well designed, it remains timeless." —Sam Tosti, Principal Interior Designer, Tosti Design

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