North Park's New Home Décor and Dog Garb Shop

Leashes hung in tandem with wall decor, dog beds that look like throw pillows, and candles styled beside pup shampoos. It’s all for sale at North Park’s newest boutique and not-your-average pet shop, Home + Hound.

Opened in August by owner Brittney Garbani (pictured), the shop is a memo to dog lovers that you can indeed live stylishly alongside your tail-wagging kin.

North Park's New Home Décor and Dog Garb Shop

"I have always been a dog person," Garbani explains. "But I feel like pet products in our homes are not very aesthetically pleasing, and there are designers that make really beautiful dog products. So I asked myself, ‘Why can’t we embrace a lifestyle in which dogs and design dwell together harmoniously?’"

After working for a decade as a graphic designer in the fields of fashion and interior design, Garbani lengthened her creative leash and started a business of her own.

Just down the street from the home she shares with her husband, four chickens, a cat named Handsome, and dogs Hank and Dutch, the store’s a feat achieved by her whole family.

North Park's New Home Décor and Dog Garb Shop

Garbani flipped the former computer repair shop in a mere month. Her woodworker father flew in from Dallas to build her shelves, tables, and checkout counter by hand; her husband assisted with the electrical work; and Garbani handpicked and styled every piece of inventory and designed the logo.

It’s about a 50/50 split between home decor and dog accessories, all married by the same minimalist-meets-boho aesthetic. The people-pleasing goods start with kitchenware like oil dispensers, cups, and tea towels and get bigger from there, with throw pillows by Kesslyr Dean, woven baskets by Amsha Studio, houseplants, and Garbani’s "weakness," ceramics.

North Park's New Home Décor and Dog Garb Shop

"A lot are handmade and one of a kind," she says, gesturing toward brands like Honeycomb Studio and Convivial. "That handmade element adds so much to a home and is something that really resonates with me. I hope my customers will see that."

The dog wares are artisanal, too: Pablo & Co. bandanas, The Foggy Dog squeak toys, and leashes and collars by Nice Digs and Fyrah, to name a few.

North Park's New Home Décor and Dog Garb Shop

It’s all just a start. Next, Garbani hopes to partner with adoption agencies and humane societies to offer in-store discounts and other perks. Taking a pup home has never been so haute!

3768 30th Street, North Park homeandhoundsd

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