Four Unique Ways Local Nonprofits Are Supporting Kids


Stealing the Show

National Comedy Theater’s nonprofit, Unscripted Learning, provides teens on the autism spectrum the opportunity to flex their improv skills. Students learn creative thinking and social skills while engaging with peers in a fun environment. Teen volunteers can mentor during the weekly sessions, and anyone can donate via their website.


America’s Favorite Pastime

Mission Federal Credit Union and the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA team up with the San Diego Padres for their Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities ("RBI") program. Underserved future athletes play free baseball and softball games to develop their talent, foster teamwork, and encourage their commitment to academic achievement. Students also have the chance to earn a college scholarship.


Connecting to the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Outreach has helped over 10,000 youth experience the beauty of nature through their programs, which focus on building confidence and responsibility. "Urban, low-income communities often don’t have equal access to our coasts, mountain ranges, or safe inner-city parks and green spaces," says Ben McCue, the executive director and a member of the Parks Now Coalition. "As our country becomes more diverse, it’s critical that we reach all youth, invite them to experience the outdoors, and inspire them to be environmental stewards and help us protect the places we all love." With Outdoor Outreach, kids have the chance to surf, climb, hike, and more.


Spiffy for the School Year

In their third annual Back-to-School Haircut Drive, the Larry Himmel Neighborhood Foundation and California Barber & Beauty College gave over 300 kids free haircuts. The students also received all the school supplies they needed to start their year off right.

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