I got involved in weddings because of the romance. I started in this industry 13 years ago by creating romantic settings for brides and grooms on their wedding night.  I'd draw the bath, light an abundance of candles, sprinkle rose petals on the duvet, cue their favorite music; customizing an atmosphere of romance in their honeymoon suite.   Creating wedding florals was a natural progression (at the urging of my clients) and I named my business Adorations because of the apparent love and adoration a couple has for each other on their wedding day.

I find inspiration in the most unusual places.  Furniture stores, my son's laugh, succulent gardens, the stationary section of a bookstore, antique amber bottles, a hillside of marigolds, and my daily devotional to name a few.  This world is full of beauty and I am constantly renewed and inspired by it.

My dream wedding includes a small, intimate wedding under the arbor at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.  Have you seen that rose garden?!  The venue is both approachable and luxurious- two attributes that really resonate with me.  I envision a long table, with myriad of candlelight suspended  down the length of the trellis, and a gathering of 35 of our closest friends.  Gorgeous flowers, great food and drink and plenty of laughter.

My passion outside of work is my family.  I have a wonderful husband that supports me and loves me in amazing ways.  Our son, Brom, adds an abundance of joy to our lives.  I love his wonder for life and the way that his tender heart reminds me about what is really important.  We spend time together at the train museum, at his swim lessons, and on long walks in our neighborhood.

My favorite part of a wedding is the palpable anticipation of the bride and groom just before the ceremony.  I love walking into the bridal suite to give the bride her bouquet.  Her eyes are wide as she sees the elements of her dream wedding come together.  Then I walk over to the groomsmen and I have that little moment with the groom as I pin on his boutonniere. You can sense the excitement. There are plenty of deep breaths and wide-eyed smiles.

If I could travel anywhere, I'd go to Holland!  I want to explore the flower fields of Keukenhof in April when the bulbs are in full bloom. Seventy acres of vibrant flowers, does it get much better?  Apparently there are Tulip Cruises- sign me up!

My advice to a bride on her wedding day is to breathe and savor the small moments.

I love Exquisite Weddings because of the team behind the magazine.  I enjoy the integrity and synergy of the entire Exquisite Wedding team.  The styling and approach to design and layout are amazing.  I am drawn to the large format of the magazine, but overall it's the people that come together to create a fantastic magazine.

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