Inside the Westgate Hotel’s Sunday Brunch
  • Hungarian American musician Tom Barabas has been playing the piano at Westgate’s weekend brunch every Sunday for the last six years.

  • Brunch waiter Gilberto Perez has worked at the hotel since 1974 back when the now $50 per person brunch cost $12.50 each!

  • At the carving station, Sundays can call for up to 180 pounds of prime rib, 80 pounds of short rib, and 60 pounds of pork leg.

  • Hot spot! On big-draw holidays like Easter or Mother’s Day, the chef doles out up to 600 crêpes.

  • The selection of 14 mini desserts rotates on a weekly basis, and the hotel can go through 5,000 pieces in one day.

  • The hotel uses about 20 pounds of chocolate for the fountain, and up to 60 pounds during its busiest weekends. Dippers include fruit, marshmallows, and more.

  • The omelet chef makes up to 300 omelets during peak brunch weekends.

  • Feeling fancy? Try the caviar, sourced from SoCal-based Santa Monica Seafood.

  • The four elements of Westgate’s cheese station? One hard, one blue, one creamy, and one goat, usually a Humboldt Fog variety.

  • Brunch bling! The ornate chandeliersare authentic crystal Baccarat fixtures.

  • In 2015 from January through November, guests consumed approximately 14,500 glasses of Champagne, 4,500 Bloody Marys, and 3,500 margaritas.

  • Seafood ties with dessert for most popular station. While some waitstaff bounce between stations, this area requires one dedicated staffer to help with nonstop replenishing.

  • Go fish! The staff makes about 120 sushi rolls and 300 nigiri for brunch.

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