I Tried It: Salt Therapy

You Try It!

Healing Therapies, 9578 Murray Drive, La Mesa.
$25 for 15 minutes; $40 for 30 minutes. healingtherapies

I have pretty severe asthma and allergies, and Himalayan Dry Salt Therapy can help with those symptoms. I also consider salt my favorite food group. Having been dependent on a gamut of lung steroids and inhalers, the idea of a more natural solution to my inhalation shortcomings seemed pretty intriguing. 

Healing Therapies in La Mesa welcomed me with a glass of water and showed me around; they had everything from glow-in-the-dark crystals to a wall of herbal supplements.

An inspirational quote decorating the salt therapy chamber room provided a little extra motivation: "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I want to change myself." The chamber was half glass and half wood, with wooden crossbeams over big, heated salt crystals that cycled through all sorts of soothing colors. Who says therapy can’t have a bit of Vegas flair?

For 30 minutes I lay there, hearing only the relaxing white noise of the chamber, seeing only the glow of the lights. A very fine, medicinal Himalayan salt circulated through the air, which I could taste when I inhaled, very similar to a fresh ocean breeze. The wood smelled like a mahogany cigar box, which played a huge role in the sensory experience, too. Combining all of these sensations made for quite a relaxing and surreal half hour. 

After the session, I noticed a light dusting of salt on me. It wasn’t unpleasant; it reminded me of hanging out on the beach for the day. I was given another glass of water when leaving and instructed to drink more throughout the day so the salt could continue working its magic. 

I can’t say I noticed any major change after the therapy, but was told these types of treatments require repeated sessions. I did leave relaxed and with a brighter outlook on the rest of the day. Would I try it again? Absolutely. I would love to see if I had improvements after a month or so.

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