I Tried It: Blacklight Yoga

You Try It!

Spirit Yoga,
1559 Garnet Avenue,
Pacific Beach. First Saturday of every month, 7 p.m. $25 per class. spirityogastudios.com

I was once an active yogi, but at some point I got bored and traded in my yoga mat for other workouts. Then, I heard about blacklight yoga with body paint!

The lobby at Spirit Yoga boasts an array of neon paint, stickers, and glow sticks splayed across the counter. Once I applied my paint and stepped into the studio, I was surprised to find the room heated to a toasty 90-some degrees. I love heated studios, but if the thought of your sweat mixing with body paint sounds gross, maybe opt for stickers over paint. Too late for me. 

The 75-minute vinyasa flow welcomed all levels. Our instructor, Helen Cloots, offered advanced alternatives for nearly every pose, and most people in the class seemed to be more intermediate to advanced.

"Blacklight gives you a new perspective on yoga, letting you concentrate on how the posture feels, not how it looks."

But blacklight gives you a new perspective on yoga. You can’t see your reflection in the mirror—only what glows—letting you concentrate on how the posture feels, not how it looks. I didn’t care that the person next to me was in the advanced scorpion while all I could pull off was a sweaty cobra. The darkness also tests your balance. And it’s fun! Everyone in class giggles. You can’t help but laugh. 

Oh, did I mention it includes a post-yoga glass of wine? Score! 

I left the class feeling challenged, energized, and wanting to go back.

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